Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Have you ever seen little girls play soccer?

 After seeing Nie Nie, the night before, the next morning we got to watch Hailey's soccer game. 
Girls play a bit different than boys, that's for sure.

Hailey's Dad giving her encouragement before the game.

Hailey's right smack in the middle...#18.

 I was listening in on conversations between these little girls and their coach:

One of the little girls: "When is it going to be half time?"
Coach: "We already had half time.

Coach:  "Okay, I need all of you to go out there and keep your eyes on the ball!"
Another little girl: "I can't. My throat hurts reeeeeeaaaaaallllly bad."
Coach:  "We need you!  We need all of you!
               Hailey can you go in now?"

Hailey was a great little player. 
She kept focused on that ball and would assertively turn it and kick it towards their goal. 
Here she is trying to fuel up and cool off. 
Notice her pink cheeks and sweaty hair.

But when the coach asked if she could go back in the game, she dutifully got right back up.
 But she turns to me and says in a soft voice only I could hear, "This is the only break I've had."
 A 45 minute game is long when you are 7.

Hailey and one of her team members discussing if there were any more Capri Suns left.

Hailey's team won! 4 to 2.
And Hailey made 1 of those 4 goals, I might add.
During lunch Hailey tried to figure out the scrambled word game on the kids' menu.
None of us could figure out the words. 
But you know what impressed me the most about this? 
Since the scrambled up words remained scrambled, 
Hailey said, "That's okay. I'm just going to find little words within the scramble." 
And she did! She reminds me of my Pollyanna Mom.

During the lunch I asked Hailey about her Aunt Whitney teaching kindergarten. 
I said, "Doesn't she teach in a private school?"
 Her answer to me: "No, she teaches the whole class." 
So cute, she is.

I know I've said this before but whenever I am with Hailey I can't help but think lots about her Mom. 
And as Hailey is growing older I see so much of her Mom in her. 
She is every bit as chatty as Robin was. 
We would ask Hailey simple questions like, "What is Aunt Natalie's house like?" 
and she would give us a very detailed description of the layout of her home, 
complete with drawings. 

Yep, 2 or 3 questions and that little girl pretty much carried the conversation all through lunch.

Next time we see Hailey, it will be when these 2 get married.
Aunt Natalie with Hailey's future Uncle Brian.


Richard said...

espn should hire you...!

Eileen said...

I loved this post! And Hailey really is a trooper, that IS a long time to play with only one short break!
Even though she does seem to have a lot of energy and spirit! And it seems that she is a very bright girl and a very kind girl. I'm sure her Mom would be very proud. (I'm sure her Mom IS very proud!).
Beautiful post!
Love and Prayers,

Anonymous said...

Isn't watching our little ones play soccer just the best?? I loved it so much! I used to say to people who were grumbling around me that they had to spend their Sat. mornings at soccer games that I couldn't think of anything I'd rather be doing. That stopped the gripe sessions in their tracks! Come on now, what is more interesting than watching our children try their very best at things?

grandmapeg said...

I enjoy going to my grandkids' games, as much to watch them as to hear the conversations that go on between the players. Now that is entertainment!! I'll bet Hailey enjoyed having you and Dennis visit her!

Karen Mortensen said...

Richard is so funny. I am so glad you were able to see Hailey. She is a special little girl.

Darlene said...

Darn it! I lost my comment again. I don't know why I am having such a hard time commenting on a couple of my bloggers posts. Unfortunately, you are one of them.

Nothing special except that I had to admit that I had never been to a girl's soccer game before, or for anyone's soccer game, for that matter. When our kids were growing up, soccer just wasn't popular and only our boy played sports and he was into football, baseball and basketball.

Having said that, it does look like Hailey was very dedicated to playing her best and I'm sure you, her coach, the rest of her family and all who know her were very proud of her. She is a darling girl.

Now, I just hope this doesn't get lost, or if the other one does show up somehow for your approval, please only print one.

Sue said...

She is a darling little girl.


PS. And to my mom...I'll bet you went to at least one of Karin's games, back in the day...