Monday, August 8, 2011

A view into Baby Rich's world

And some photos....Thank you Karen and Tyler for letting me show these. 

Just to give you an idea of what Baby Rich's temporary home away from home is like.

They have him bundled up so comfy looking.

I've heard they keep the lights down low in there and try to follow Rich's cues on when he wants to eat,
rather than put him on a schedule.
Hospitals sure have come a long ways.
McKay was in the hospital several times as an infant and they thought he should eat every 3 hours, regardless.

I know what you're thinking....Stacy is much too young looking to be a GRANDMA. But she is!
I'll never forget the fun time we had talking back and forth late into the night when Karen was in labor. 

Tyler probably felt like he was taking a cram course in building a baby dresser.

This is only the beginning. 
This Dad will be putting furniture and bikes and toys together for the next bagillion  years.

And the drawers even work!

A++ Tyler...Good Job!


Dad and Susan said...

It's great to be included in the progress of little Richie. Good pictures. Kudos to Tyler for assembling the dresser. He'd probably have had that completed ahead of time if there had been "ahead of time." Love, Dad and Susan

Carly said...

Richie is soooo cute!! I think he looks just like Tyler- obviously not quite as dark and hairy though.

How is he doing? Does he get to go home soon?

Sue said...

Rich looks like he's doing great!

(And I remember those little preemie bottles.)


Sue said...

Looks like Richie's doing great!

(And I remember those little preemie bottles...)


Karen Mortensen said...

He is so cute. He looks so peaceful.
I will have to agree about Stacy. (we are about the same age)
Tyler is quite the guy with putting that dresser together. Swing set next?

PS What is that red light on Rich's foot?

grandmapeg said...

Richie is so cute!! Thanks for letting us see the pictures. Tyler did a great job with the dresser and you're right. He will be doing that kind of stuff for a "bagillion" years. I've never heard of bagillion before but I believe every word you say.

Lisa said...

Look what happened when I've been gone! I cannot believe the time has arrived & they are full blown family! I absolutely, positively LOVE THIS POST. It is so NATURAL to see those two as parents & what an adorable baby! LOVE IT!

Kris said...

Oh what beautiful pictures! And I've been following the videos Tyler has been doing as well. What a miracle and a blessing. I've enjoyed getting a glimpse if his newborn days. Such a special time.

Becky Jane said...

Oh my! What a precious little body! he looks so good! Congratulations to Daddy on putting the drawers together! It will be a lifelong endeavor for sure!
You have a lovely family! What a blessing!

Anonymous said...

This has been a wonderful seven days.. he is one week old today! Congrats to you and Dennis!