Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What my husband missed, besides me..

It had been a long 4 is always the case when Dennis is not here.
I did have plenty to do. But I just MISS him so when he's not here.
We are like two peas in a pod. We do most everything together.
And then we spend the rest of our time talking about it. That's how we like it.

But on the other hand, I'm glad he got to visit with our Utah family.

Doesn't little Rachel have a teenage look on her face? She cracks me up. What beautiful girls.

And he was able to attend a special class at Kris' fabulous My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe in Logan.
Women come from all over Utah to shop there.
Word of it is spreading like wild fire that this is the happening place..
Yes, he was the only man. Do you think it bothered him? Of course not.
He did however, imitate several of the woman to me when he got home.
Like how they acted when Kris announced a new pattern was available.
I never said he understood any of this.
He's just very proud.
And when Kris introduced her Dad to the class he said, "I've never seen this girl before in my life."

And he got to have dinner and breakfast with the McKs!
She is almost 35 weeks. Just 5 weeks left to go!
He had so much fun with them, he said it was hard to leave.

And of course he got to have a few visits in the hospital with the newest member of our family, Baby Rich.

This next part I want to share is a bit personal, but I love it, and Den gave the okay.
Well, not at first, and not yet, but before I press PUBLISH, he will, or I won't.
Okay, so keep in mind, we are not use to being separated.
So in Utah one night in the middle of his sleep, he thought he heard me calling his name.
Then he woke up and remembered I was not with him.
So he turned on the lights, yes turned on the lights!
and checked his phone. 
He said he almost called me to make sure I was okay,
but then thought I would be mad at him for waking me up, so he didn't.
Isn't that the sweetest?
Well I thought so anyway.

And guess what else he missed?
He announced it as soon as he got in the door.
With his luggage still in his hands, and the front door still open,
he said:
"I can't wait to make a Green Smoothie tomorrow!"


Tyler said...

I said the exact same thing to Karen when we got home from the hospital! The green smoothie thing, I mean.

Kylieee16 said...

thats must have been fun! You should have took me haha:) Jess told me that grandpa wanted to take a picture of him and parker for me haha! but he was at swimming:( thanks for trying grandpa love ya both

Scrapally said...

You two are just so sweet. And its so fun to see pics of your fam in Utah. My husband wants to try a green smoothie...he thinks this is something he would like to start doing...but we don't have a blender. Glad Dennis got home safe and you two are back together...

Sue said...

This is such a cute post, Jill. Dave is out of town right now, golfing with his buddies, and I miss him too!


PS. He is quite the Green Smoothie convert, isn't he? (Did you ever give us a recipe? My industrial blender arrived when I was out of town, and I need to start making mine but am not quite sure how to do it.)

Rebecca said...

such a cute post! Baby Rich looks so different in every picture!

Karen Mortensen said...

What a sweet man. Glad he was able to go to Utah and see everyone.

Jay said...

I am starting them. Wish me luck.. I need to lose a bunch of weight

cristie said... really care. xox

Lisa said...

Can I make a recommendation? Tell Dennis to plan a HP group activity where the guys are going to learn to be healthy at 100 AND make Green Smoothies! My guys are hemming & hawing over here because they think I'm nuts! He needs to show the way! LOVED THIS POST BTW!