Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My 2 newly discovered Trader Joe finds

Seriously, I can't get enough of this.. 
I don't like things hot, so to me this has just the right amount of spice. It's great with tacos, eggs, chips, raw vegetables, etc.
Only 30 calories per 2 T. No preservatives or enhancers or other junk.
Look at these simple ingredients:
black beans, water, tomato paste, onion, distilled vinegar, honey, salt, jalapeno, spices, garlic.

And this one is equally as good but in a different way.
For example, one night this week I served this over fish and it was DELISH. .
And then another evening, we had this Pineapple salsa over tacos.
I can't see eating it with chips as it's a rather sweet flavor. 
I've also heard you can marinate chicken in it and then grill or bake it, although I haven't tried it that way yet.

I shop Trader Joes more than anywhere else.
But it would be worth it to me to make a trip there just for these two items!
Although it might be a bit far if I lived in Utah.


Connie said...

I have been missing a lot in this last week! First of all, I'm glad Baby Rich is doing well. I hope he gets to come home soon!
I didn't realize the DIY girls were Dennis's daughters! They're so fun to watch and I learn so much from them.
These Trader Joe's concoctions look mighty tasty!
Hope your day is going well.

Sue said...

We love that pineapple salsa, but I haven't tried the bean dip. Looks yummy.

I shop at Trader Joe's frequently. Love that store.


Dad and Susan said...

So glad to hear Richie is home now! Also like Trader Joes. You always have interesting things to share. I wish the wheat rolls were back--think we have to wait for Christmas time. Love, Dad and Susan

McKay said...

I actually got that one time back when you would take us on Trader Joe's shopping sprees when we came home over the summers. It was really good!

Susan Rozier said...

Your dad made a trip to Trader Joes and came home with the two aforementioned salsas! Trader Joes should hire you. He likes them. I'm thinking about it. Maybe if I have some of each on scrambled eggs I'll be able to decide better. Dad and Susan

Lisa said...

Those are good finds! I had THE BEST fish taco's with Jacki in Seattle (where she will live starting 9.1.11. We went to a little stand where you can sit outside & see the bay & people watch! THe tacos were smothered in Mango Salsa. YUM! It was a black rock fish taco whatever that is but the fish was white & firm. A couple of people came up to me & asked, "Hey what are you eating?" Next thing I know, every one at their table beside us comes back with an order of my taco! I ate 2. LOL