Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The last Dirt post of 2011

Before we completely let Family Camp of 2011 become only a memory, I have 2 more things to share. First a 'poem' by my brother John capturing his 50 years of Family Camp. Then some assorted pictures taken by my daughter in law Amy.

Below is the only picture of my brother John up there this year (the writer of the memories below). 
See him waving in the back? 
In front are 2 of my sisters, Robin and Peggy...along with Peggy's granddaughter Hosanna. 

"Family Camp is Forever..and ever

In 1964, I was 8 year old
I asked for berry pie at my baptism
I vacationed at Family Camp

1967 was the “Summer of Love”
I was almost 11 at Family Camp
I still had to go to bed by 9
--No “love”

Family Camp of the 60's and 70's
–open air dining hall
–three meals a day
–every toilet worked
–tent tops on the cabins
–Harlines and Spencers and Holleys and Fletchers and Durans and Davies and Mayorgas and Olsens and still only one Rozier family

49 years of camp history–missions and marriages–a couple of divorces/kids and grandkids–no serious head injuries–hikes and crafts and reading and cards

1973–I was about to start my senior year of High School. All night rock hopping–teen romances–Friday night dance–future prom date

1982–newly married. Our first summer as our own family

1986–2 year old Julie, our first child at camp

Each year we return to the dirt. We measure ourselves against the rocks and the trees
–we make new friends and ignore the wrinkles and rolls on old ones

For 11 ½ months each year we keep jobs or lose jobs, we pay mortgages on houses or lose houses, we train up our kids to make choices and we watch them make those choices

Then we return to the Family Camp of our youth
–we look for that same rock and that same tree
–we return
–we are the Roziers

john rozier–2011"

Well, okay, so maybe it's not a poem.
More like a list of events written by an attorney. But I love it!

Who put Jonas to work?

Looks like Téa is having an argument with her 2nd cousin Jude
...that is what we call the children of cousins, right?

Do you see the Rozier in that face?...and I'm not referring to the dirt.

Arts and Crafts every morning.

 Téa came to visit her brother for 2 days.

Some more happy faces. I only know Macie in the middle. Who are the other 2 girls?

The famous Dinkey Creek store. 
We would save our money all year long so we could walk up the hill to this store and buy candy.

My Dad and Susan. I don't think he's missed a year since it began in 1961. Is that right Dad?

 These teenagers were only a twinkle in the sky when Family Camp began in 1961.
50 years come and gone.

Here's a few take-you-back Family Camp pictures. Not sure the year....somewhere in the 1960s?
My brother Richard is in the front.

And 2 pictures from 1993
Love this one of my Dad and brother John

John and Suzanne (upper right in the picture above) became grandparents again yesterday!
Take a look here. 

Here's Grandpa John in 1956
 Okay, I'm getting carried away. The End.


Richard said...

Great poem John! Usually more Clarence Darrow than Walt Whitman, you turned the tables on that one. You could teach Henry David Thoreau a thing or two he missed at Walden Pond. Maybe if he'd given it 50 years he would have arrived at the same point of enlightenment...those two vixen on the horses were Julie Snow and Linda Davis, now Freeman. Julie had no money and insisted the proper thing for me to do was buy her a candy bar at the store. It was the first time (but not last) I was taken in by feminine wiles. (Just last night I let Chickee convince me that it was the proper thing to do to go wait in the shave ice line for her at the roundabout in Alpine!)
Loved the picture in front of the sign. Is that Lindsay Lark mugging for the camera in the backround?
Jill, your subscribers insist on more Family Camp pictures. Every time you're tempted to show us the latest weird thing Dennis calls dinner, sub in some Family Camp.

Richard said...

Chickee wants to know if spending the entire week up there next year would qualify as a mission? Possibly she could be the sous chef and convert the unrepentant...

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

What lovely memories! I think this was a great poem for remembering all of your happy times at camp.
Hope you have many more beautiful times together.
Thanks for the comment about me loosing my job
Hard week adjusting to the idea of it all but will do a post later today.

Dad and Susan said...

Cannot express how much we enjoyed this and the other Family Camp posts!!! Richard's comments added to the delight.

John's "renderings" were pleasingly poignant. So much history...your dad gets emotional at every post. Thanks for being "voice" and "chronicle" for the family.

Amy took some great pictures! And your treasure trove of the old ones continue to sate our nostalgia needs.

Love, Dad and Susan

Sue said...

I love it all!

The idea.

The years-long execution of it.

The poem.

And the "We are the Roziers."


Karen Mortensen said...

Wonderful pictures and poem. Makes me what to go to Family Camp.

Nate and Julie said...

Thanks for sharing all the pictures of my dad. I love it!

Grandma Honey said...

Hey Julie what are you doing here...you just gave birth 2 days ago!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

In answer to your sweet comment about where I live.
Here is one of my first post I did of my house I will look for others for you


Marydon said...

Honey, I was reading Maggie's post today & saw your comment. I have been to her home & featured her last year. Here is the link to view the beauty of that fab
home of hers. Just copy & pste & enjoy ...


In case that doesn't work go to my blog Nov. 19, 2010 & read it there.

Have a great eve. Enjoyed visiting you & the family ... love the wee ones.

Donna said...

What a wonderful tribute...what a great family....thank you!

Marydon said...

We are in Maryland, my friend.
TTFN ~ Marydon