Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good news from a previous post

Do you remember a post I did last April about Carolyn and Sean Savage, a couple who learned their fertility doctor had transferred the wrong embryos into the wife's body and she became pregnant with another couple's child? And then instead of aborting this baby, or even fighting for custody of it, she carried this child to term and then in her grief, gave the baby boy to the correct parents. 

I've been following their story since reading their book. 
So here is a link to their blog so you can see their happy news!


Anonymous said...

So, she went on to have twin girls after she carried a boy for someone else? I'm not sure I get the story.

Grandma Honey said...

The wrong embryos were placed in her...a mix up in the lab. So her own invitro prepared embryos still existed but there was no way her body could physically go through another pregnancy. So they found a surrogate. And ended up with twins. The sad part is how must the surrogate feel now...I know the surrogate willingly did this for them, but still, it's got to be beyond hard for her right now.

Sue said...

This is wonderful news and well deserved. Thanks so much for the update, Jill!

As for the surrogate, I would guess she feels way more happy about it than she does sad. I can't help thinking that when a voluntary surrogate is going to carry someone else's embryo, she probably frames (and constantly reframes) the pregnancy in her mind as lending her womb and providing a warm, nurturing place for someone else's baby to grow. Not that she won't have feelings for the babies; of course she will. But I'm sure those kind people will welcome her into their lives on some reasonable basis.

I am really happy for them all.


PS. By the way, could you tell me what your hubby puts in his green smoothies and in what amounts? Thx.

Darlene said...

I'm thrilled for them! I have a granddaughter who has been trying for a couple of years and hasn't been able to get pregnant. She would love to adopt a baby, any baby, but her husband is too macho to want somebody elses baby so they are still trying. She is going to a fertility doctor now and we can only hope. How I would love for them to have twins!! Boy, this girl deserves it though after what she did for the other couple.

Dad and Susan said...

Miracles happen everyday in a many ways. What goes around comes around also comes to mind. Love, Dad and Susan

Karen Mortensen said...

Good things come to those who do good. I am so happy for these people.

grandmapeg said...

I'm glad you explained above the reason for them having a surrogate. What a blessing these little girls are for this couple. Thanks for the update.

Lisa said...

Thanks for posting the update Jill! Someday you'll have to tell me how this great miracle transpired for this wonderful couple. What an incredible story. It truly brings the SPIRIT of humanity.