Thursday, August 11, 2011

'The DIY Chicks' and an odd happening

While Dennis was in Utah earlier this week, it just so happened on Studio Five (where Kim and Kris are frequent guests) an odd circumstance about them was mentioned. Den taped this from Kris' TV to his it's not perfect, but I think you can still hear it ok

You'll see what I mean on this 1 minute clip!.


Karen Mortensen said...

That was so cool. Way to go Kim and Kris.

Sue said...

Kim and Kris to the rescue!


grandmapeg said...

Kim and Kris' store seems to be doing well. I'm excited for them. After reading the previous post it sounds like Dennis had fun there with kids and grandkids. Has he been getting his fill of green smoothies since he got back?

cristie said...

watched the girls on TV today...cute as ever. xox

Logan and Amy said...

That's so awesome! I would go to Kim and Kris too if they lived close to me. Oh how I wish they did :)
I love hanging out with these two girls!!