Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our different 4th of July...and no Larry Crowne

This was one of the quietest 4th of Julys in our history.
Not that we're complaining.

But we did miss our family! Every one of our grandchildren were out of town yesterday, even our local ones.

Some of our locals were with our out of towners.
Together in Park City, Utah

Oh, so I guess this explains Jacob and Téa, but still we see no Chandler.

Austin, Jonas, and Uncle Ryan.

They got to watch the parade in 75' weather! (It was 103' here!)
Thanks so much Ryan for the phone pictures!!

As far as Dennis and I....
We went to a NOON movie and it was so crowded...Dennis took one look at that bulging audience and said, "We're out of here!"
The audience all looked about our age.
As we headed out the door one man hobbled out to us, looking like he needed a knee replacement, and said,
"Don't leave. There's room for you!"
What a SWEET stranger.
Who would have thought so many would attend the first showing of the day.
The movie: Larry Crowne.
Have you seen it?
I've heard one negative about it, but that's it.
Anyone know if it's worth trying again? Did you like it? Is it decent?


Dad and Susan said...

Nellie and I are going to see it Thursday. Will let you know.

LOVED all the pictures of the cousins! How fun! Everyone is blessed to have each other. What a great way to celebrate Independence Day aka as Fourth of July.

Love, Dad and Susan

Sue said...

I had a very big and noisy crowd of young adults yesterday. It was fun but frantic!

Your quite one sounds kinda appealing, to tell the truth...


grandmapeg said...

I love the picture of all of the cousins at the parade! They sure do have a lot of fun. I've heard that show is supposed to be good. You'll have to let us know if you see it and if it's any good.

Darlene said...

You had a quiet 4th of July as did we. We did get to see our local fireworks though. We actually sat in chairs and watched the whole thing from our driveway. It lasted 20 minutes and was quite spectacular. Then we went inside and watched the Boston Pops concert and fireworks. That was really quite the show.

You certainly have a lot of good looking children in your family. I'll bet all the cousins are close. That is so neat.

It's good to be back reading blogs again. Glad I got to read yours.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

It was unbearably hot! I had to come home from our parade and take another shower.:} Richard and I went to see Midnight in Paris. That is as close to Paris as I will ever get that man, l.o.l.

Eileen said...

Oh, my, Jill, I've been catching up on so much here! I can't believe I've been away so long and I've missed SO MUCH! First, I'm so sorry to hear about your shoulder pain and I'm so glad to read it's much better. I can commiserate because I hurt my shoulder playing Wii tennis with Jayden of all things! It took months and months to heal! It's much better now and I will not attempt tennis again!
I loved that Dennis was typing your posts for you and trying to curl your hair! Such a sweet gesture!

I'm so sorry that this will be a long comment because I'm going to comment on all the posts I've missed right here and now. I agree with your Web post and I love the idea of capturing so many memories on my blog.
And God Bless Parker Dustin! I hope all has worked out well for him and his family.
I enjoyed the high school video and I agree that I liked your family video of the second song better too!

I loved the baby shower post but was sad that McKenna was missing. And sad that you were still in too much pain to fully enjoy it. I love the idea of the maiden name 'Rich'! I was encouraging my daughter-in-law Lori to do that with one of the girls (her maiden name is Marinelli and I thought that is so cute for a girl, and her Dad is gone now and there are no sons to carry on that name).
And Amy makes me laugh out loud! I loved the photo of her drinking from the punch bowl and she is such a good sport!

Thanks for sending me over to the 'Pursuits of Happiness' blog. Such a Blessing to read there, and it really does put my silly 'dramas' into perspective. I will keep them in my prayers.

I enjoyed touring 'My Girlfriends Quilt Shop' and I am in awe of it all! I'm not very crafty at all so I always appreciate the talent of others who can create such beauty! I liked that quilt at the end too, and I thought the little skirt in the frame near the beginning would look so sweet in a little girls room.

I loved the Red Robin post, it was nice to see your family together, but sorry some of them have been under the weather (I have Jayden here with a virus now too, poor little guy just can't shake it).

Welcome home to Nick! I really enjoyed his homecoming celebration and seeing family photos and all that delicious looking food too! And I agree that Tanner and Irving look very much alike!

McKenna was so sweet to make all those meals up ahead for McKenna, and the video was so sweet too. Really an adorable couple! And I often think of the funny video that Amy and Logan made about them (of McKenna sleeping on the couch and McKay trying to make her more comfortable)!

I think I'm going to have Ray make those smoothies for himself too, maybe he can cut back on his blood pressure medication!
I loved the cousins post and video (although my heart was pounding!), and I hope our grandchildren are close as they grow up.

Thanks for the post about Amish Grace, I'll put it on my calendar, I remember that incident and feel so bad about it all.

Thanks for posting your family photos of the Fourth. It must have seemed strange to not have everyone around as usual. We had a quiet Fourth of July too, usually we have a big pool party/barbeque but we spent the weekend doing projects around the house, and I'm anxious to get everything done with Katie's baby due in ten weeks!

It was so nice catching up here, Jill. Now I hope this comment goes through! It's so long, sometimes I have trouble.
Love and Prayers,

Lisa said...

We did NOTHING all by ourselves. It was GREAT! No dinner, no nothing. : )

You two go to so many movies it makes my head spin! LOL We just do the Netflix thing & route it to our tv. It's nice.

Grandma Honey said...

Lisa...Really? We go to the theater about once or twice a year, at most. And maybe see one movie at home every other year or so. I wish we watched more but we have hard time sitting still long enough. Sometimes I think there's something wrong with us.

Sharon said...

Can I ask where the "Grandma Honey" came from if your name is Jill. I have a Grandma Honey so your blog caught my eye. I have enjoyed reading about your family you all sound delightful and loving.

Grandma Honey said...

I'm glad you are here Sharon.

My name...well my oldest granddaughter started calling me Grandma Honey one day when she was very little and it just stuck.