Monday, July 25, 2011

Look who's moved in

Family Camp is back again which means we get to have Miss Téa just like we did last year! Go back and look, she has changed SO MUCH in a year!

The first night she was here she kept insisting, "Bow bow bow" as we were putting her to bed. I kept telling her she would have to wait till morning and then I would put a bow in her hair. Finally Grandpa said in his Grandpa's voice, "Time for bed."  And then she said in her very soft sweet and 2.3 year old voice, "Don't remind me."  
One of those random sentences that seemed to come from nowhere.

She tries singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star at least 25 times a day. Just like her Uncle Tyler use to do at this age!
She also says, "My can do it!" a good 15 times a day.

On the way home from Trader Joes tonight she counted 1-10, over and over. She'd forget a few numbers but as we would say the next number, she would say the one after that.

She sleeps really well...from 8:30 to 8:30. Good thing Grandpa and I  bought a crib tent for the Pack N Play!

I bought this skirt at a boutique just 12 hours before watching her and her brother come into this world.
And she loves it so much she won't let me take it off. 
She's wearing it in Dream Land. 

Téa watches this video over and over and LOVES it.
Doesn't make her sad at all. 


cristie said...

she is lovely and you are a very good grandmother. xox

Dad and Susan said...

So so cute! Love the authorative voice of Grandpa!!! Love, Dad and Susan

Karen Mortensen said...

She is so adorable. That first picture is amazing. Get that girl a modeling contract.
I feel bad because she can't go to family camp but at least she gets to stay with you.

Sue said...

She is really growing up fast....and so, so darling!


Connie said...

She really has grown up since last year! What a cutie!

Richard said...

She reminds me of a third world dictator living in exile...surrounded by luxury but in exile, nevertheless.

Darlene said...

What darling darling pictures. Isn't it just amazing how much a child can change in just a years time?

I love that she wanted to have that cute dress on even when she went to bed. It is really a cute one too.

Heidi Garvin said...

What a smart and adorable little girl!! It must be genetic ;-)

Ammy said...

she's not a baby anymore...she's a little girl...ALTHOUGH....I still call my Josey my baby and she's 3...Hannah too, for that matter!

grandmapeg said...

Téa is a doll!! I'm sure she is having a lot of fun at your house. I hope your energy is holding up :-))))

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I went to see the Beatles at the Hollywood bowl when I was sixteen and I remember when they were on the Ed Sullivan show. To imagine your Dad singing I Want to Hold Your Hand gives me the giggles! I love the photos on Tea` looking in the mirror. What a cutie! How great to have you special moments caught on video too.

Kris said...

Ok Miss Tea is just about as adorable as ever!!!