Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bean Burgers and Costco's problem

Dennis cannot get enough of these:

To me, these bean burgers are okay.
Apparently I'm in the minority, 
because they don't exactly have a small section of the store devoted to them.
Isn't this crazy??

Do I think it's a phase he's going through? No, not Dennis.
Once he likes something he rarely gives up on it.

He use to eat them sort of like this:

 But now, he's just as happy microwaving them for 2 minutes 
and eating the bean burger patty right off the plate.

And while I'm on the subject of Costco...
WHY did they put all their really good produce in a 'walk in' freezer?

Just wondering if this bothers anyone as much as it does me?
Notice how it's empty of people??

I've watched, and it seems no one wants to walk in there, or stay long enough to look around because it is SO FREEZING COLD. I once saw a Mom leave her baby just outside this "freezer" and practically run inside to grab some grapes, and then quickly run out again. She obviously didn't want to risk chilling her baby.

Since no one wants to go in there for long, their produce sales must be dropping, right? So when will they figure out it's better to just put their fruit and veggies back in regular refrigerator cases like every other store?


Karen Mortensen said...

I have never seen those burgers but maybe will have to try them.
I know what you mean about the "freezer" thing. I hate going in there.

Fisher Family Fun said...

The walk in refridgerator is very popular with other Costcos. My kids love to walk into it get cold and run out. LOL! Not sure if I would try the bean burgers though. :)

Kris said...

I love bean burgers! (However I've never tried those pre-made ones before. I'm going to see about picking some up!) I would definitely have to do it with all the tomatoes and such like your photo of how dad used to have them. I don't know if I could do it just plain!

Sue said...

Does your hubby always eat so healthy? Between his green smoothies and veggie burgers, I'm impressed!

And I agree about Costco. That produce place is way too freezing cold!!!


pebble said...

This made me laugh because at our Costco in the summer there is so many people in the produce "fridge room" you can't get your veggies without a traffic jam. When it's hot outside (and in the store) that is where everyone likes to be I guess. Our Costco now has two, one for milk too. They actually put milk in the produce one, and moved the produce to the other side of the store for a much bigger "fridge". So your perspective made me giggle, that is our Costco in the winter! :)

the Rich girl said...

When I was little, I really hated going grocery shopping with my mom for the simple reason that I hated how cold it was by the meat/cheese/dairy sections.

Now that I'm pregnant, I actually quite like being near those sections. :)

(But I can definitely understand not wanting to take my baby into a freezer.)

Rebecca said...

I used to buy these from Morning Star. Are they the same ones but different packaging? We liked them just plain too.

Grandma Honey said...

Karen~ So funny because Tyler use to have the same complaint. He'd be shivering and saying, "Are we done yet?" Then I'd try to distract him by saying, "Go find your name on the freezers." They were made by a company named TYLER so each freezer case had his name...he loved that.

Rebecca~ I'm not sure of any new packaging being we just recently discovered these.

Pebble~ That is so odd to me that at your Costco there's a traffic jam in the walk in freezer! are in Utah, right? Our Costco should be like that since we are the ones with the severe summers.

Sue~ No Dennis hasn't always been into eating healthy. But something about turning 60, he's really into this now. I'm so proud of him.

Kris~ I would rather have your bean burgers any day over these!

Rhonda~ It must be me then. I had no idea these walk in freezers are popular. Maybe I ought to just bring a coat with me.

Karen~ Maybe we have to get to a certain age then, right?

Carly said...

The colder the better, going in the freezer is the best part of Costco!

Donna said...

I live in the desert, it is so hot....but even under those conditions the costco freezer is hard

Darlene said...

I honestly thought I was the only person who froze in that vegetable section. I love to see that I am not the only one. If I need anything, I make Dick go in and even he doesn't like it that much.

It's good that Dennis is eating healthy. He will surely benefit from it. I wish I didn't have such a sweet tooth. If I didn't keep struggling, I would probably go over 200 pounds. In four more pounds, I will be in the l50's. I would like to lose about 10 more pounds but I am beginning to think that goal is an impossible one for me.

Richard said...

In Utah we go to the Costco freezer in the winter time to warm up...

Grandma Honey said...

Richard~ Just when I think you aren't going to make me laugh again, you do. Den can always tell when I get a comment from you.

Darlene~ Let me know when you make the cookies!

Donna~ Trust me, I understand.

Carly~ Hey, what are you doing on here? You're suppose to be recovering.

Lisa said...

I think more people are on the same page as you than you realize. In fact 2 days ago, when we were checking out some guy asked Jerry, "Hey...where did you get that I couldn't find it?" I bet a lot of people figured they just got rid of a whole section.

That temperature just allows produce to "live" longer on the shelves. If

Grandma Honey said...

But Lisa, why do we have to get inside the freezer with the food? Wouldn't it keep just as cold and live just as long in a freezer case without people in it?

Ry said...

Is the Black Bean Burger something that is served as a punishment for bad behavior?

Mar~ said...

When I saw this, all I could think of was..."Where's the beef?!" Ha, ha!

(You remember that, right?)