Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Double Baby Shower?

 Thank you Dennis for typing this up for me!

The plan was that Karen and McKenna would both be here for a visit this week.  So, we thought it would be great to give them a double shower since they are both expecting boys this September.

However, McKenna couldn't make it.
So Karen and Tyler will bring her gifts home to her.
And since I hurt my shoulder, Erin and Amy created all this beautiful food.  My sister Robin made the disappearing layer salad.

Amy made the decorations from Kim and Kris's appearance on the Rachel Ray Show.
 The picture below doesn't even do it justice. 
They were beautiful, and now Erin wants to make some for Violet's nursery.

Love this shot of my nieces.
Lindsay, Ashley, Brooke, Whitney, and Carly.

We were able to Skype Karen's Mom in from Texas. She was right there with us throughout the shower, making comments and asking questions. It was so cool.
Karen announced the baby will be named Rich, which is her maiden name. Love it!

See those two little buckets? Wasn't that a creative way to wrap a gift for a little boy!

And Carly made her own wrapping paper. Are you kidding me?! 
She is expecting her FIFTH baby in four weeks.

Karen showing a few of the handmade gifts.

I don't want to show too many of the gifts or I will spoil the surprise for McKenna.

Fun my Dad popped in. But Susan had already left so he couldn't take her home.I don't think I got that story quite right.

Also, it was fun to see the new husband, Gard.  My niece, Lindsay, had just gotten married last week.
Along with him came Bret, Whitney's husband. Aren't they CUTE!

The 2 hour separation for these honeymooners must have felt like torture.

Rivka and Hosanna were a little over the top about the balloons.

So they decided to take a few home.
I told Carly she may need to let a few out the window in order to see the road.

Amy does love this punch.
Don't worry, she didn't do this until after the guests left.
And, furthermore, please know that she gave me permission to post this picture.

We missed McKenna !!!  
We would have loved to have her, and her little "baby bump" with us.

Also A BIG THANK YOU to Amy and Erin for working so hard to make this gathering so special.

There were many who attended who I purposely did not take pictures of...only because I'm trying to be less annoying with my camera.


Sue said...

You have the cutest family, Jill!

And isn't Skype amazing? When I was young and watched the Jetsons, I never believed that all of it but the flying cars would be true...

Congrats to all of you.


nrozier said...

Thank you so much for posting these pictures. It is fun to feel like a part of the event even though I couldn't make it. The picture of Amy drinking the punch is my personal favorite--I love her!

Susan Rozier said...

It was SO FUN to re-live the baby shower through this blog. It was such a happy time. Your daughters-in-law did a bang up job. The food really was delicious and so attractively presented. Loved the decor too. But, most of all it was fun to see all the cousins together in one place. AND so many other friends and family were there too. AND it was all duplicated the next night at the wedding open house!

Guess I didn't get the memo that Richard was coming. I left early so "he wouldn't be home alone."

Love, Susan

grandmapeg said...

Your baby shower looked like a lot of fun and the gifts were cute. I especially like the two little blue buckets! Erin and Amy did a great job! Thanks Dennis for posting this :-)

Karen Mortensen said...

I was so glad that I was able to be there. It was wonderful.

McKenna Heasley said...

I wish SO SO badly that I could have been there! Everything looked beautiful!!! I loved getting to hear about it!

Scrapally said...

You are not annoying with your camera...LOVE all the pictures and stories you post. the shower looks like a wonderful success. Erin and Amy are most talented, sweet, and thoughtful. Hope you are soon on the mend Jill, in the meantime, keep making Dennis post for you. :)

Valerie said...

Looks like lots of fun with delish food!! Isn't technology be able to be at a party from miles away!
Hope you're feeling better!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Looks like it was a great party and so festive. I'm sorry to hear you are hurting Jill. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Lisa said...

You guys are THE BOMB Party throwers! LOOKS INCREDIBLE IN EVERY WAY! I'm sure Karen was SUPER SURPRIEsed & THRILLED!

Amy Nielson said...

Looks like a fun baby shower!! I recognize your niece Brooke from watching her teach swim lessons at Jan Thomas. She isn't my kids teacher but I've seen her there lots and it's nice to learn that she is your niece.