Friday, May 27, 2011

Sunday Crockpot Beef Stew

I found a stew recipe without the cream soups, or the tomato flavor. And it tastes better.

This little packet makes all the difference, thanks to my niece Julie.

I make this about once a month, and always on a Sunday,
because it's great to come home to dinner all ready.

Very simple.
I sort of follow the directions on back of the envelope which includes coating the stew meat in flour and browning on all sides.

Then I throw that in the crock pot along with the 3 c water and the 5 cups of vegetables, and the packet of seasonings.  
 Although I should admit here I use way less meat than the recipe calls for and more vegetables, but that's just me. Make it how you like. 
Now isn't this beautiful?
carrots, potatoes, onion, celery

 If I make it right before church, I will set it on high for 4 hours.
If I'm starting early in the morning and we're not eating till 4 or 5, I would set it on low. 

I regret I forgot to take a picture of it before we ate it. Sorry.
Like my niece Julie says, "McCormick does a good job of seasoning." not an exact quote, my memory is not that good.

It does have a wonderful flavor.
And when we get home, if we aren't too hungry, I take another 30 minutes and put this in the oven:

Just add water and bake and it's our favorite cornbread of all.

If not, toast with butter and honey tastes great with stew.


Karen Mortensen said...

I used to love it on Sundays when mom would make that. It was so good.

Sue said...

I make stew all the time. We love it!


PS. Try replacing the water with V8 juice sometime. Wow!!

Dad and Susan said...

Love the reminder of this. I've tried several of Julie's recipes and have always been happy. I, too, have purchased her McCormick's Seasonings for various dishes. Good call on the Marie Callendar mix. We'll try it soon. Love, Dad and Susan

Eileen said...

That's exactly how I make mine too, Jill! My Mom told me about the McCormick's seasoning (but she always made her stew on the stovetop), I usually do my slow-cook on low for eight hours. A friend suggested a nice butternut squash/beef stew recipe and that was wonderful too!
I've been here a few times to visit, but each time I tried to comment I got booted off your blog!
I'll try on the former posts now.
Love and Prayers,

grandmapeg said...

Your stew looks great and with the that is my kind of dinner. I'll have to look and see if that stew mix has MSG or not. I love the Marie Callender's corn bread mix. We get that all of the time.

Grandma Honey said...

grandmapeg~ No MSG. It says so right on the front of the envelope. I never put up with that stuff.

grandmapeg said...

Thanks for letting me know about the mix not having MSG. I'll look for that when I go to the store next time! With all of the rain that we've been having, stew and cornbread puts me in the mood for this meal!!!

kelly said...

Thanks for the tip, I love a good easy dinner. That cornbread is the best, I make it every time I make chili. I don't really like cornbread much, except that kind!