Friday, May 6, 2011

All that I am or hope to be, I owe to these 2 women.

Lella LeMaster Slinkard and Gaynor Lea Slinkard Rozier
My Grandma and My Mom in September of 1948.
My mom only 19, and my Grandma was 51, younger than I am now.

My Grandma was determined to give her children a better childhood than she had.
Instead of following her parents' example, 
Grandma remembered all the bad experiences in her life, 
and vowed to do better.
Grandma studied other families and read books, on how she would do things differently.
And because of her, and the sweet, gentle, and kind mother she raised for us
generations and generations to come, will be blessed.

One woman can change generations, and she did.

What about my other grandmother, you ask?
I never got to meet her in this life.
Here she is with my Grandpa Romeo.

Romeo and Leonie Rozier
She died at the age of 42, when my Dad was only 6 years old. 
I've wondered what she was like. Often.
She must have been special, if she is anything like my Dad.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!


cristie said...

this is such a wonderful tribute and the photos are priceless. xox

Karen Mortensen said...

Great words and great pictures. Love them. I can't believe how much Romeo looks like Scott.

Scrapally said...

What beautiful pictures! Sounds like you have a great heritage and you are keeping it going! Happy Mother's day to you!

grandmapeg said...

Your grandmother did a wonderful job with your mom! Though I only knew your mom for a short while, I was so impressed with her and I still smile at the thought of her giving me that gallon bottle of honey to bring home on the plane. She was so thoughtful. And she did a great job with you just as you are doing with your family. It all starts with one person who can make a big difference with future generations. I love these old pictures!!!!

Susan Rozier said...

Thanks for this tribute to your mother and grandmother. I really appreciate it.

Sue said...

Thanks for sharing these special women in your life. I love the photo!


Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Your mother was quite a beauty and what a lovely tribute to your grandmother too. Have a wonderful Mother's Day Jill! May all your wonderful memories be a comfort to you!