Saturday, April 9, 2011

Some highlights of TOFW

 Some notes I don't want to forget from TIME OUT FOR WOMEN today:

Hilary Weeks:
"In prayer each morning, ask what is MOST IMPORTANT for you to do that day.
He won't let us miss what's most important if we ask Him each day."

Wendy Ulrich:
"Make a goal to have one meaningful conversation every day."

"Don't try to feel happy. It doesn't work. Instead, try to feel grateful. 
Ask your kids each day: "Tell me something good that happened today."

"The 2nd half of our life is for making peace with our lives." 

"Don't get help for your problems. Instead, help someone else. Science has found this to be the single most reliable way to better our mood." 

Laurel Christiansen:
"Instead of continually praying for something...ask the Lord if that's what you should be praying for. "

"Where you are right now is no surprise to your Father in Heaven." 

DeAnne Flynn:
"Be a little more aware.
Be a little less complicated.
Be a little more gentle." 

"When we speak less, we notice more."

"We need to get out of cars and into our homes."

"You can make and unmake yourselves every day at home." 

"Home is just a place where you can practice for heaven."  (she was quoting Brad Wilcox)

"I am so thankful my mom's focus was not on speed and efficiency. Instead, it was on ME."

LOVE this painting by Liz Lemon Swindle that was shown.

  1,760 women and Dennis, and one other man. 
Lots of stares and a few comments:
"Are you really going to stay here with your wife?"
"I don't know you who you are, but you are one brave man."
"Don't you feel a little uncomfortable being here?"

He is secure in his manhood so he did just fine.

Just found a web link to buy a print of the picture above. 
Those are just small prints (5x7).
You can google if you want to find a larger nicer print.
It's called, "I would Gather Thee"


grandmapeg said...

Lots of good thoughts but I especially love DeAnne Flynn's message and I love that picture of the mother hen and her chicks!!!! I'm sure Dennis and the other man enjoyed themselves!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Ammy said...

I love that painting too....My Mom is getting it for Mothers Day....shhhhh!

Grandma Honey said...

She will love it Ammy! I had never seen it before yesterday.

Karen Mortensen said...

Thanks for sharing these thoughts. Didn't you just LOVE it all? I am so glad I went. I think it was cool that Dennis was there. Everything that was said could have been for men too. All very great stuff that was said.

Scrapally said...

Thank you for sharing some insights for those of us who weren't able to attend. I'm sure Dennis got as much out of it as all those women, the spirit is for ALL. Hope you have some more to share! I LOVE Liz Lemon Swindle artwork..she is one of my faves. I met her at BYU and she signed one of my books of her art. :)

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I love all the good advise. The painting speaks for itself and you sweetheart is one in a million! :}

Annette said...

I have heard Deanne Flynn I believe and have enjoyed her comments. I have heard Hilary Weeks probably 1/2 a dozen times. Always love to hear her music and messages. So do we get to hear any other messages? I'm glad you and Dennis had a great time. I say more power to him!

Susan Rozier said...

Let's hear it for Dennis. You are fortunate to have him. I've heard it was wonderful. Several at church today asked why I wasn't there. I said I had TPFU with my daughter-in-law who was visiting from Alpine, Utah. We had a marvelous time just being together doing stuff! My Fresno daughter joined us for most of the fun. It was so great seeing each other again. (You have four "dil"--I only have one!) Love that you loved your first TOFW. Love, Susan

Eileen said...

I love all the quotes and I'll be copying them down after I comment!

And the mother hen painting goes right along with all your mother/child paintings and photos that you love!
This one is so endearing, protecting her brood with her wings.

And I love that Dennis attended this conference with you, and I can't imagine him being uncomfortable while supporting you.
Love and Prayers,
PS ~ I don't think I'll be blogging much anymore, Jill, but I will continue to visit here. I've grown very fond of you and your family.

Sue said...

I think it's totally cool that he went with you!


darlene said...

Good stuff. I just love that Dennis wants to be there.

darlene said...

PS How does one get a copy of that hen picture?

Grandma Honey said...

Darlene- I just added a link on that post where you can find a copy of this print...but it's just a small one. The larger ones I found were quite expensive.

Eileen- I would be very sad if you quit blogging! How will I know how everyone is doing!

Susan- I give up..what's TPFU??

Annette- Hilary Weeks was amazing!
She has some great new songs out that are just so funny and so real.
I'm trying to get a copy of them. They were all sold out yesterday!

Scrapally- How wonderful you got to meet Liz Swindle! What year was that? I've only known about her for a few years now.

Karen- What was your favorite part of TOFW? I'd love to know.

Sue-I think it was totally cool, too!

Cousin Kathy- You've got yourself a one in a million too!

grandmapeg-I think you and I both feel like that mother hen and her chicks...especially with all the grandchildren we have now.

Susan Rozier said...

"Time Out For Us."

Susan Rozier said...

Sorry, I meant to write TOFU. Time Out For Us, not TPFU. Oops.