Monday, April 18, 2011

Chickee Cupcakes

If you are looking for a special fun Easter treat to make this week, why not these?
Are they not the cutest?

Elora working away.
Her cousins were not able to come over and help.
She would have loved that even more.

Maybe we could make these again when Hailey comes to town...
I mean, since they are named after her Grandma and all.
For details,
just go to:

After all our decorating, we went out to dinner. 
Was our day not GORGEOUS!
Elora looking for her Dad who was coming to join us.

With traffic problems, and a change in restaurants, 
we didn't mind the 30 minute wait, at all.
Happy Chickee Spring to you!


Sue said...

Very cute cupcakes! Is that a daffodil in Elora's hair?


Karen Mortensen said...

Those are so cute. It is fun to see all the cute things you find to do. Thanks.

Susan Rozier said...

So cute! You're a great Grandma Haney. Elora is the perfect pupil. Fun, fun, fun. Love, Dad and Susan

McKenna Heasley said...

I'm excited to make these! : )

Richard said...

Chickee will happily waive all beach of copyright claims in the wrongful use of her name in exchange for 6 (six) cupcakes.

Grandma Honey said...

Richard- I just changed the name to make it right. I'm sure Hailey won't mind making her 6 cupcakes next time she comes :) We sure miss her.

McKenna- Oh good! I'm glad you like them.

Sue- I asked Elora, and yes, it was a daffodil in her hair. Love the flowers-in-the-hair style. A decade or so ago only the Hawaiians got to do that.

grandmapeg said...

Cute cupcakes!!! I missed having Elora actually show us how to do these on a video clip. I always enjoy those clips. I just might have to try these since I'm planning on making cupcakes for the Saturday East egg hunt for the grandkids.

the Rich girl said...

Elora really is so good at making all these cute treats. It seems like she really has a knack for making them.

Ammy said...

Those cupcakes are so cute. We made some like that but used lifesavers for the eyes and they were snowy owls.

Richard said...

Those cupcakes even look like my Chickee, don't you think?