Saturday, March 12, 2011

Helen Reddy and the Golden Rule

While I have never been a particular fan of Helen Reddy,  I do enjoy reading Memoirs, and hers was $3.95 from Edward Hamilton, so I went for it. 

I was drawn in to the fact that she has supposedly softened her feminist views through the years (haven't reached that part yet and not sure I ever will.)  Her parents both dying the same year while she simultaneously learns she has a "rare, incredible disease," may have had something to do with that.

Not sure how this all plays out as I am only half way through her life so far. In my opinion it's not the best written book, and I may not finish it, however, I am impressed and taken in by this particular scenario:

Helen Reddy was single mom for awhile. This situation happened while she was living in a very old hotel while performing in Ohio. 'Miss Three' is her 3 year old daughter Traci. 

So simple, but that's what it's all about, right?
I wonder how many mothers teach this to their children now.
I like how she said in reference to the Golden Rule: "...the same core truth is at the heart of all religions."

I have been receiving Edward Hamilton free catalogs in the mail for years. They are all discounted books and some DVDs.  Postage and handling is only $3.50 per order (not per book). These catalogs arrive often, and I enjoy going through them each time.

Sorry, that just sounded like an advertisement. I didn't mean for it to. A few people have asked where I get my books, so I thought I'd add a link.


grandmapeg said...

I enjoyed Helen Reddy's songs but she was a bit of a feminist. It's nice that she explained the Golden Rule to her daughter. I think most parents explain that rule to their children. I'm happy that my own children try to teach it to my grandchildren. It shows me that they listened to me when I taught it to them.

Karen Mortensen said...

That was really good. I wish more parents would teach that to their children.
I remember Helen Reddy. I liked her singing. In fact a couple of friends and I went and saw her when she was in Fresno. She was good. I had no idea about politics then. LOL

Scrapally said...

I think we can learn something from everybody, even it if it's just one small thing. I like reading biographys too. I liked Helen Reddy in Pete's Dragon. :) If that doesn't date me, nothing will!!

Lisa said...

That's good info. I didn't even know legitimate resources for discounted books existed. I haven't hear Helen's name in decades. What a refresher.

Eileen said...

While I wasn't a big fan of Helen Reddy, (although she does have a great voice), I am a big fan of her advice to her daughter!

Thanks for the information on the books too!

Sue said...

My mom taught me the golden rule, and it has never failed me.

I, in turn, taught it to my children...and I hope that others will continue to do the same.

We need to teach our children values and standards of conduct that preserve civility and grace.

Sadly, I'm not sure we're doing that well enough.