Friday, February 4, 2011

Look at this family

I don't pretend to even guess how a couple raises such a large family. Especially with all of them so close in age. The oldest barely looks 12, if that. I keep looking at this picture in awe, so I just had to share it. 

I found this in The Church News today, and the article goes on to explain how these parents taught their children a few lines of the Family Proclamation each morning during breakfast. 

Interesting what the Mom discovered by doing this:


Karen Mortensen said...

we saw this too. Amazing. Tom also came from a family of 11 children.

Lisa said...

That is such an inspired & good parent! What a thrill it is to read this post because it goes along with what Pres. Eyring said at our Stake Conference. Foolowing the Prophets is key to our progress in this life, I wish you could've been there to hear the counsel on Sunday as it was THE BEST! Thanks for sharing this post!

grandmapeg said...

I saw this too and it truly is amazing! I don't see how people do it with that large of a family but there are those who do it and do it well.

Scrapally said...

that is amazing. I am reminded again, how I wish I could go back and do it right!! What a smart mom she is. How on earth do you keep track of 11 kids on a vacation??? That's like a field trip with not enough adult/child ratio! :) They look really good and YOUNG to have such a brood. Gonna get out my proclamation right now and start studying it!

Susan Rozier said...

Amazing! I'm off the hook because they didn't have a Proclamation when I was raising my kids. Of course, this generation has special powers so again, I'm off the hook. I'm very impressed. Susan

Sue said...

Wow! Just wow.


Robin said...

That is awesome !! And yes I do wish I'd done some things different too !! But at least this is something I can share with my daughter and future grandkids !!

Eileen said...

Beautiful family, and such beautiful family values!

When I was growing up a lot of families were much bigger than mine (I was one of seven children and in the Catholic school I went to that was not considered a big family, most families had ten or more children!), today it is almost unheard of to have lots of children.

I think this is wonderful!
Thanks for sharing this and I will be praying for this family and the beautiful guidance of their mother and father.
'So wish I could go back and do it all over again.
Love and Prayers,