Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love this hanging heart table!

This is not my table of course.
I saw it elsewhere 
(And can't  remember where so I can't give credit...so sorry)
I decorated for Valentine's the day after Christmas, so I'm done.
But next year I'd really like to hang those hearts from each chair. 
I love this look!
Valentine's is my favorite.

And this month will be especially wonderful.


Sue said...

I love Valentine's Day, too. And those hearts are a great idea.


deerie65775 said...

So, where's the picture of YOUR table?? lol
I will get mine decorated this or next week..
My son will be home (he works on the river and comes home every couple weeks off the boat) on Valentine's day, and I plan on having his sweetie over to help plan and decorate for a lovely dinner for him..
So.. I'd love to see what you've done .. I need ideas!

grandmapeg said...

I don't decorate for holidays like I used to when my children were little but I really should now for my grandchildren. I've never seen the big hearts like this picture but they're cute. When do we get to see your decorations????

Karen Mortensen said...

That is cute. It looks like something Kim or Kris would do.

Dad and Susan said...

What do like the most about Valentine's Day? You don't eat chocolate, so I'm wondering. Cute idea with the hanging hearts. Do you suppose the Dollar Store would have these? We're so excited about Erin's coming event. Love, Dad and Susan

Grandma Honey said...

Susan~~ I love red and hearts and little flowers and cupid dolls, and arrows going through hearts. I think it reminds me of grade school. Whatever it is, I love it!

Darlene said...

I haven't decorated for Valentines Day for years, but I think maybe I will do something this year. I need to get busy. You gave me inspirtation. Thanks.

roxy said...

it is so cute <3

Natalie said...

Such a cute idea. I love valentines day (it marks 7 years since our first date) and like you, i have fond grade school memories.

Eileen said...

I love Valentine's Day too, and I think a lot of it is wrapped up in childhood memories too.
Those hearts on the backs of the chairs are very sweet. I also like the hearts on the wall (it looks like pink hearts on lace or paper doilies). I used to go 'all out' decorating for all the holidays but I haven't done it in years.
You've inspired me!
Love and Prayers,