Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fresh and Easy

 Do you have a Fresh and Easy where you live?
 I'll show you some of the reasons I like this store.

Special close up parking for Moms (or Grandmas) with children.

Elora acts like she owns the place...sampling the juice she says is always there waiting for her.
She also told the clerk that her new sister will arrive in just 2 weeks.

What a convenient after school snack selection.

Dancing to the store music.

Cami enjoying the view as she rode by.

 Elora fixing up our purchases.
(While Cami preferred watching ANNIE with Grandpa.)

I admit I am intimidated by self serve check out. 
Not Elora. She knew exactly what to do!
When she first began the clerk wanted to help her, but I told him, no, she can do it herself. Still he hovered close by.

A little after note:  I know this is not the preferred way for a child to ride in a cart. I watch her like a hawk so there is no way she would even get close to falling out when she is with me. Cam likes to hold the different grocery items and be a part of things.


Dad and Susan said...

So fun to see the pictures of the girls. Elora is one capable kid! We like Fresh and Easy also.

It's awesome that Cami likes "Annie" and that Grandpa will watch it with her. Lucky Grandpa, lucky Cami.

We're so eager for the arrival their little sister! Probably not as eager as Erin, but we are excited about it.

Love, Dad and Susan

Karen Mortensen said...

What a nice store. It is funny how these kids know what to do. It seems like they come programed to know how to do this stuff.

cristie said...

no fresh and easy here...elora has great hair! xox

grandmapeg said...

We don't have a Fresh and Easy here but it looks like a very nice store. I love that it has the close parking spot for adults with children!! We need those! I am intimidated by the self serve checkouts too. Can I borrow Elora?

darlene said...

Do they have organic foods?

Ammy said...

Josey rides that way in the basket too. I have to bribe her, though, because she likes to stand up. So I tell her if she sits down the whole time, she can ride the Mickey Mouse car when we're done.

Grandma Honey said...

Yes, they do have an organic section, but I was too busy with the girls to really check it out. I need to go back. I was actually on my way to our reg grocery store when I remembered Fresh and Easy had the special upfront parking for kids, and that's what sold me.

Sue said...

Don't you love the noise the scanner makes? I can see why Elora likes that job!


PS. I never noticed what luxurious hair Elora has. Beautiful!

Eileen said...

I was here visiting this morning but Blogger wouldn't let me leave a comment.
We don't have Fresh and Easy by us, it looks beautiful! And so clean, and the aisles are so wide, and clutter-free, and the shelves look so organized! A vast difference from grocery stores near us. And we don't have family parking spots either. And we don't get free samples.

LOVED seeing the photos! The girls are beautiful! And I always used the baskets to seat my kids (I had too many to fit in just one seat! A few had to sit in the basket.)
LOVE that Elora can use the self check-out!
Love to you,

Darlene said...

I am so impressed with Elora. My husband does our shopping and he hates having to check out his groceries so he doesn't go to Fresh and Easy very often, even though we have one here.

Both Elora and Cami are adorable. I still can't get over how Elora just took charge and I loved the picture of her peeling the potatoes and carrots. She's learning at an early age. My compliments to her parents!!!

Kris said...

Oh, how I wish we had a store like that! I would take anything close to that!! ;)

Scrapally said...

I guess I need to go check out our fresh and easy! I keep saying I'm going sold me! Elora and Cami are as charming as always...what fun you have! (and we know you are a very safety conscious Grandma ~ no worries!)

Robin said...

I love Fresh and Easy too !! They had just come to our area when Hill was leaving on her mission and she said, "I hope they are still in business when I get back I love them", they have things from England, that she had while she lived there for a semester of college !! You have to try their red velvet cake !! It is too live for !! lol