Wednesday, January 19, 2011

They don't have babies like they use to

I grew up watching I Love Lucy. I especially remember the episode about the night Little Ricky was born. 
All were reruns to me, but still, this is how I thought it would be.

And it sort of was. 

58 years ago TODAY! 
Jan. 19th, 1953 "Little Ricky" was born.
(It was also the same day she gave birth in real life.) 

Nowadays many women schedule their baby's birth date. 
But whenever or however it comes, it is ALWAYS EXCITING.  


Sue said...

It sure is. The most exciting thing ever!


Karen Mortensen said...

Love the clip. That was a good show.

Susan Rozier said...

So fun to laugh out loud! I loved her show and later The Carol Burnet Show. Laughing is healing, isn't it? Sometimes Slap stick is good medicine. Love, Susan

grandmapeg said...

I had my last three children by being scheduled and I loved it. It was still exciting, and now that my own children are having their babies that way, it's even more exciting! Thanks for sharing that clip. I remember watching the reruns of that.

Heather said...

Nathan was induced but Hannah came on her own, and wow it was so amazing and exciting either way. Although I have to say, I loved the inconvenient, unexpected (well, as unexpected as it can be when you are 4 days overdue!) excitement of Hannah's arrival and hope to do it that way next time too!

Love how they are all tripping over each other and forgetting things! We got halfway to the hospital and had to turn around and go back for the camera. :-)

Lisa said...

You crack me up, but I LOVE LUCY. Watched it over & over & over just like the Brady Bunch which is more in line with how I wanted my life to be! LOL

Grandma Honey said...

Heather...I'm with you..I would never give birth without my camera.
And would you believe 3 days late was my earliest baby? My other 3 were between 2-3 weeks late. Drs let us go that long back then.

Eileen said...

I remember that episode, and I am hysterical laughing again at it!

I was lucky in that I didn't need to have surgery with any of my five. But do you know ~ WE NEVER HAD A CAMERA WITH US! We never even thought about it! I don't think I have one picture in the hospital except for the ones that the hospital used to take themselves.

Our daughter-in-law is 'scheduled' to deliver Sophie Gianna on March 31! Exciting!

Thanks for this post, I needed a little 'pick-me-up' today and this made me smile!
Love and Prayers,

Mar~ said...

I can't believe you were overdue by that much? How big were your babies?
I have to say, I LOVE Lucy. We still watch her today. We have some of the I Love Lucy DVD's and my kids love the old comedy! In fact, we watched this episode not too long ago, I had no idea that it was 58 years ago...

Scrapally said...

ha ha...I love lucy! I also love the DIck Van Dyke show and the episode where Laura gives birth is one of my all time favorites! I have all of them on DVD and love watching those good ol' shows over and over.

darlene said...

Today doctors talk "induction" the day you reach your due date. As a natural childbirth teacher, don't get me started!

Ammy said...

I remember Hannah was due on September 22...I went into labor on the 21st but she was born at 12:04 sister in law was due the exact same day as me but didn't have her til a few weeks later. Josey was a scheduled c section but I went into labor the night before I was scheduled but she was born on the day she was scheduled. It is interesting to read all these comments. I loved it how with our first we didn't know when or what to do, but with the 2nd it was all planned...interesting.

Grandma Honey said...

Mar~~ My first baby, who coincidentally was born 34 years ago today, was 21 days late. Really.
I was so panicky that something was wrong because he just would not come. When I was about 2 weeks late, I just went right to the dr's office with out an appt and said I was really worried that I was already 2 weeks overdue. I was fearful I would lose him. They brought me in and the dr said something like, "Well you must have miscalculated your dates, I think he is due now instead." I knew he was wrong (remember this was before ultrasounds) So another week passed and when he was finally born the delivery nurse came very close to my face and said, "It's obvious this baby is very late." Then she showed me how his skin was peeling all over and his nails were so long most of the tops of them were tearing off.

All my babies weighed basically 8 lbs (8, 8'2", and 7' 14") except Logan who was only 3 days late...he weighed 6' 10"

Oh the memories.

Grandma Honey said...

Ammy~ How interesting that you went into labor right before the c section. Must have made you feel good that the Dr chose the right date! I will never forget how excited I was when I got her birth announcement!

Scrapally~ I loved Dick Van Dyke but I don't remember the episode of Laura giving birth. I need to try to find that one.

Eileen~ Even though I made the comment that I would never give birth without a camera...I didn't bring one either! I meant if I had my life to live over I would have packed that FIRST. I think that is why I borderline on crazy the way I take pictures now. I missed so many great picture moments when my kids were growing up. But it was a different world then. Film and processing was so expensive!And young moms are SO BUSY.

Heather said...

Wow, Jill that is an amazing story about how late Brock was! I can't even imagine how miserable you must have felt those last few weeks!

Nathan was 12 days late, he finally came after they induced me, 8 lb 14 oz and never really looked like a newborn. I think that is why Hannah took me by surprise because I just assumed I would have to be induced again.

deerie65775 said...

Thank you for posting the Lucy clip..
I spent way too much time this afternoon looking at all the clips attached to it.. It was a fun reminder of how much I DO Love Lucy!

Richard said...

Our kids used to ask me if I liked I Love Lucy...I had to tell them the show was too close to real life for me. I have been living with Lucy for 35 years!

Mar~ said...

Oh my goodness, Jill! That is amazing! I can't believe your babies were so big. (You are such a tiny lady, I'm so sorry).
I'm glad to see you updating your blog, since I haven't heard from you recently, I wondered if you were not well.