Saturday, January 8, 2011

I attended a funeral yesterday

I didn't take any notes except for one quote at the end.
Still, since yesterday morning I keep thinking about this exemplary woman.

Some things I remember from her service yesterday:

*She sold Avon for over 50 years
*She made excellent pies
*She would often give a loaf of bread or pie, or whatever she was making that day to someone in need. 
She taught her children to share what they had.
*She LOVED being a visiting teacher and took this calling very seriously. Even visiting her assigned sisters till the end. (I heard she would drive herself there, and then get her walker out of the trunk.)
*She would often have a puzzle going, and share doing it with her children and grandchildren.
*She took all her church responsibilities very seriously. (I even remember my Mom saying this about her.)

I had known Caroline Marshall growing up, yet, really didn't know her very well at all. She was 94 when she died this week, so to me, I have always known her as a Grandma.

She lived in the ward I grew up in. My mother knew her fairly I felt I attended in honor of her. 

I was in awe when I heard she has 21 grandchildren, 52 great grandchildren and 4 more on the way, and 1 great great grandchild, with 3 more on the way. And I was even more in  awe when I saw this on paper:

I could feel the spirit of this dearly loved woman. I could feel the love through the talks and music of her children and grandchildren. I could feel the cycle of life, and the continuation into the next one.  

One of her daughters talked about how in the very last moments before her Mom passed, she showed her a picture of her husband who had passed 15 years ago. What a wonderful reunion they must be having now.

I wish someone would have talked more about what kind of a mother she she raised her children, how she related to them. I think we can learn so much from how others have lived their lives, especially in relation to their families. But it may have been just too tender to bring up yesterday.

However, a quote by President James E. Faust, shared at the very end of her service, 
sums up her life here on earth:

"The good women do will follow them throughout all eternity."  

What more could any of us want?


grandmapeg said...

From your notes I'd say this sweet lady was a hard worker and a compassionate woman. I would say that she must have been a wonderful mom and example to have that many children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I love President Faust's quote. It's a good reminder to all of us. Thanks for sharing it!

cristie said...

such a sweet face and an amazing legacy. I really appreciate seeing her descendants listed.

a good woman is an incredible force.

thank you for sharing this. xox

Richard said...

One of the interesting things about attending funerals is finding out who is related...I had no idea that Judy Leavitt was a Marshall!
The Marshalls lived in a neighborhood near Ashlan and Millbrook where there is a short diagonal of Tollhouse Ave. that aligns miles further NE with Tollhouse in Clovis. Dad and I hometaught the Davies, Marshalls, and Calapps in that neighborhood in the 60's. Dad usually taught a very short lesson and didn't stay long...must have been why I didn't mind Hometeaching. At any rate, the tradition of short visits continues here to this day. Do you remember dads response to the eager beaver that bragged he home taught on the first day of every month?? Dad said, "that's admirable, but my sons and I get out one day before that."

Richard said...

How come my comment hasn't been approved yet? Am I still on probation for my comments about your early childhood wardrobe? You need to move on.

Karen Mortensen said...

I love that quote. That is what I keep hoping will happen. Especially where Daniel is concerned. LOL
She sounds like a wonderful woman. Wish I could have known her.

Susan Rozier said...

Jill, This sweet lady had most of the same qualities I've heard your mother had. Love, hard work, service, dedication to family and church callings, good cook, etc. If you live to be 94, your posterity could be the same--she started with four and so did you. Love President Faust's quote. Thanks for sharing--funerals are such a testiment of how important families are. Love, Susan

P.S. Your dad and I love Richard's comments!!!

Grandmotherfairy said...

Thank you for sharing the thoughts and facts on her life...I never knew her, but her children speak volumes about the kind of mother she was.

Grandma Honey said...

I agree!

Sue said...

Beautiful thoughts, Jill.

As I contemplate the funeral I will be attending next week, I can't help thinking how much harder it always is to celebrate a life seemingly cut short than one who lived and loved for so long. Having said that, I still expect that it will be a beautiful and uplifting service.

I've often noticed, when older ladies die in my ward, how little I knew about them, really. And I am always sorry, after the fact, that I didn't to know them more fully in life. I am going to try to do better on that.