Sunday, January 23, 2011

Apparently I read it wrong

Sometimes as much as a Grandma wants to make her little Cami happy...

A big sister is better at it. 
I can't exactly climb under the table and pop up, like Elora can.

 Or say things like, "So Cami are you ready to become the middle sister?" (Violet will be here in just 4 weeks!)

And I don't notice cars in the parking lot like Elora does. 
Giggling she says, "Grandma Honey look at that 2 person car!"

 Grandma Honey is amazed!  "Are you kidding me??  What's the name of this car? Can you read the name on it Elora?" I squint with my Grandma eyes and read what I think I see on the back of it,  "I think it's a SNORT."
 Dennis looks closer, "No, it's not a SNORT! It's called a SMART."
(I then heard Elora say in a sing-songie voice from the back seat, "Introducing the 2011 Toyota Corolla SNORTS!" ....not that Toyoto makes these, she just came up with that.)

We sing on the way back to our house. Elora loved the song so much that we played it at least 6 times which means we kept driving around.
 Finally we had enough of that song and actually drove into our driveway.
Home at last.

So while Cami played.....

 Elora went right to work journaling about the miniature car.
I know the day is fast approaching when Elora won't want me to share her journal on here.
I'm totally good with that. But for now, she offers it to me.

My favorite memory of the evening?
It was the next morning when I woke up to find this on my counter.

Elora had been helping me clean out the cupboards in the bathroom after her little sister had gone to bed. When I found these 2 containers I remember mentioning that I need to run them through the dishwasher. What I didn't realize is she had grabbed a sticky note and left this reminder to "Clean two pails" for me! 

I guess she figured since her Grandma can't quite read the names of cars, that I would also need a reminder to clean. 

We love our little grandgirls.


Richard said...

Note to grandparents of little ones: a child Camis size does not need a full combo plate at the Mexican restaurant, but if it does come out as flat as hers looks, send it back and have them fluff it up a little.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

How adorable. You are having so much fun with your granddaughters! Those Smart cars were all over Europe when I was there. In fact my nieces husband took me to the airport in theirs. It was like riding in a covered motorcycle! They are so economical and with the price of gasoline at near $7 a gallon in Europe it is appropriately named the Smart car!

Dad and Susan said...

That Elora still rocks with her creativity, imagination, KINDNESS, and vocabulary. I don't think one needS to worry about her getting bored, per previous post.

Little Cami's hair is so long! When did it get long enough to braid like that? It looks like a thick braid too. Has it been a year or so since I've seen her? I was surprised. At least it would have taken one of my girls a year to grow hair long enough to have a braid look that thick!

Your dad and I always love posts about the grandkids.

Love, Dad and Susan

Scrapally said...

what a fun post! those grandaughters are adorable and I love that elora is so thoughtful and share her journal with you. This really made me smile today. And I love that Dennis Is Grandpa Honey...I had never even though about that! :) Keep having fun with these cute girls!!

Grandmotherfairy said...

What sweet memories you are making with those grandchildren...isn't life grand?

grandmapeg said...

I agree with Susan's comment about not worrying about Elora getting bored, in reference to your previous post. Elora seems like she is creative in so many different ways. I need her at my house to leave reminder notes for me :-) I also saw a lot of those Smart cars when we were in Italy a few years ago. They are finally getting to be a little popular here in Utah. I think I would probably be a little claustrophobic in them. I love the pictures of Elora and Cami and the fact that you continued to drive around just so the girls could sing the song a few times!

Karen Mortensen said...

What darling kids. I like your name of the car better.

Eileen said...

I love this post! What a fun outing with your granddaughters! And they are both so sweet! I get such a kick out of Elora! And I love how she is so wonderful with her little sister.
I also the love the name of her new little sister ~ Violet, so sweet!

Elora's journal is priceless! And so is her 'reminder' to you. I can see that you have a very good relationship.
Love and Prayers,
PS ~ I love the photo of the back of Cami's head! She has such beautiful, thick hair!

kelly said...

Your Elora posts are efinately some of my favorite. As for the bored posts...I love to listen to the things my kids come up with to fight boredom, I now feel better about not having tv in our home, much less guilty. Instead of feeling that we're depriving our kids of something most everyone else has, I feel we're giving them something much better.

Lisa said...

I absolutely LOVE IT when these girls show up at your house & you post the event! They are so CUTE & they are NEVER BORED! : D So COOL when they find such delight in all things! How exciting that there's going to another sister!!! Great pics & narrative GrandmaHoney!

darlene said...

Love your Elora accounts! She'll love reading over them when she's all grown up too.

Sue said...

Both of those girls are absolutely darling. Of course, you know I have a soft spot for Elora. That girl just cracks me up!


Valerie said...

I LOVE the name Snort! And I love how adorable you are with your grandchildren.

Kris said...

Love, love, love Elora's journal entry! She's so dang cute!

And frankly, I would not want to own one of those little smart cars. Can you imagine an accident in one of those? Eek!