Monday, January 31, 2011

Does anyone know how this works?

My Dad gave this to me and I and it's the strangest thing ever.
Would you mind going to this link and just do this little game. 
Takes less than a minute. 

It's like the computer is reading your mind. 
Really, there's got to be a reason and I want to know what it is. 

Just 2 simple steps, and then tell me what you think. 

LATER: The comment section will give the answer, so don't look until you see if you can figure it out.  
I sure couldn't!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Day in Provo

If you ever wonder what McKay and McKenna, and also Tyler and Karen do each day, take a look.  
Or I should say, as of last month.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

6 years since the beginning of my empty nest.

"If you can find a path with no obstacles,
it probably doesn't lead anywhere. " ~Frank A. Clark

An exciting day, and a hard day. Something a boy in our church looks forward to all his life, as do his parents. The day he leaves home headed out for his 2 year mission. There is nothing more we wanted for him, and for all our sons, at age 19.

The goodbye is the hard part.

When Tyler left 6 years ago, Dennis went with him. He wanted to be there to take him to the Missionary Training Center, and then fly home a day or so after. Which he did. I wanted it this way. It was also Dennis' birthday, by the way.

Unlike when my first 3 sons left, this time was a little harder because I left the airport by myself. As soon as Tyler (and Dennis) left, my son Logan put his arm around me and walked me out to my car. He was so cute. He kept patting me on the arm while we walked and saying, "It's okay Mom. I know this is hard for you."

So I get in my car and proceed to get out of the parking lot when I realize Dennis had the parking ticket!  I go to the little ticket booth on my way out and Elmer is there running it as usual. I know his name only because of his name tag. He is usually the one who is sitting in that booth all day long letting people out after they pay. I know because I go to the airport often.  And yes, he looks the age of his name.

I was still crying from the airport goodbyes when I told Elmer right away that I didn't have my parking ticket.

"Well Ma'am, you need to get out of your car and look for it."
"But I don't have it."
"That's what they all say. Now back up your car and get out of it and look around your car."
"All around my car? My husband has the ticket and he is in the airport."
"Well then go back to the airport and get it from him."
"I can't. He's already on his plane... I think"
(So I try calling him, and he is indeed on the plane. I tell this to Elmer.)
"Well then back up ma'am and look in your car."

I back up several yards and stop the car to look...just to make Elmer happy.
So here comes Elmer. He gets out of his booth and comes up to me and says:

"Ma'am I didn't mean here. You are blocking traffic."
(I seriously was the ONLY car in line.)
Elmer continues, "I meant for you to move all the way back to the parking area." 
"Well I don't have the ticket."
"Okay then, come back to the booth." (So I get back into my car and drive the several yards back to his booth.)

So Elmer walks around my car taking my license down, and then asks to see my driver's license, which I give to him. And I should also mention that all the while I am still crying. So finally Elmer says since I don't have the parking ticket that I will have to pay $12.

"Well when my husband gets back to town with the ticket can I bring it to the airport and get a refund?"
"I am getting to that." Then he looks seriously up at me with his wrinkly old eyes...I think Elmer is near 80...and says:
"Ma'am, are you destitute?"
"No I'm not."
"Okay then, that will be $12." 

In a strange sort of way I bonded with Elmer that day. I visited with him the next few times I was at the airport. It wasn't exactly like Elmer and I ever had a lovely conversation or anything. But there was just something about him.

One day he wasn't there, so I asked the new guy where Elmer was. I was told Elmer had to quit because his wife got sick and he needed to stay home, and take care of her. See, I knew it. I knew he was sweet under all that.

 I think Tyler missed his niece Elora the most.
She was only 2 when he left.

Happy Birthday Dennis!!
I promise to give you more attention on this birthday than I did 6 years ago.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another broken bone

Remember how our grandson Robbie crashed his bike and broke his leg last September?

Well 2 days ago he was jumping off a swivel chair and broke his ARM. 
His Mom (Kim) actually HEARD IT BREAK!

The little patient on Sunday night.

 A slam dunk diagnosis wouldn't you say?

Robbie is having quite the eventful year of Kindergarten. 
(And don't forget he had surgery between both accidents to have his tonsils and adenoids out.)
And it's only January. 
And he's only 6. 

Something tells me Robbie didn't get to go skating with Aunt Kris and cousin Rachel today!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Miracle of Life

I love how this shows a baby actually developing in the womb. 
I'm not Catholic, so I hope they don't mind my sharing their video.

The Miracle Of Life from Catholic Media House on Vimeo.

Thank you Ronnell for directing me to this. 
(McKay knew her, and her great family, from his mission in Tallahassee. I consider her a dear friend of mine even all these years later. )

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Apparently I read it wrong

Sometimes as much as a Grandma wants to make her little Cami happy...

A big sister is better at it. 
I can't exactly climb under the table and pop up, like Elora can.

 Or say things like, "So Cami are you ready to become the middle sister?" (Violet will be here in just 4 weeks!)

And I don't notice cars in the parking lot like Elora does. 
Giggling she says, "Grandma Honey look at that 2 person car!"

 Grandma Honey is amazed!  "Are you kidding me??  What's the name of this car? Can you read the name on it Elora?" I squint with my Grandma eyes and read what I think I see on the back of it,  "I think it's a SNORT."
 Dennis looks closer, "No, it's not a SNORT! It's called a SMART."
(I then heard Elora say in a sing-songie voice from the back seat, "Introducing the 2011 Toyota Corolla SNORTS!" ....not that Toyoto makes these, she just came up with that.)

We sing on the way back to our house. Elora loved the song so much that we played it at least 6 times which means we kept driving around.
 Finally we had enough of that song and actually drove into our driveway.
Home at last.

So while Cami played.....

 Elora went right to work journaling about the miniature car.
I know the day is fast approaching when Elora won't want me to share her journal on here.
I'm totally good with that. But for now, she offers it to me.

My favorite memory of the evening?
It was the next morning when I woke up to find this on my counter.

Elora had been helping me clean out the cupboards in the bathroom after her little sister had gone to bed. When I found these 2 containers I remember mentioning that I need to run them through the dishwasher. What I didn't realize is she had grabbed a sticky note and left this reminder to "Clean two pails" for me! 

I guess she figured since her Grandma can't quite read the names of cars, that I would also need a reminder to clean. 

We love our little grandgirls.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Is boredom good for children?

We had an interesting conversation about this last night during Book Club. 
Not sure how we got on this subject, but it went something like this:

"Boredom is good for children. It's the prelude to curiosity, and curiosity brings on creativity."

Then someone else added:
"I've read a study about how children are not learning 'problem solving skills' because with watching movies, video games, texting, Facebook.....They have little down time to get bored and figure things out for themselves."

I'm not quoting the two above perfectly, but that was the gist of it.
What do you think? 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

They don't have babies like they use to

I grew up watching I Love Lucy. I especially remember the episode about the night Little Ricky was born. 
All were reruns to me, but still, this is how I thought it would be.

And it sort of was. 

58 years ago TODAY! 
Jan. 19th, 1953 "Little Ricky" was born.
(It was also the same day she gave birth in real life.) 

Nowadays many women schedule their baby's birth date. 
But whenever or however it comes, it is ALWAYS EXCITING.  

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lots of family time in Logan, Utah

Amy and Kylie, along with the babies, spent last weekend with Dennis' daughters and family.
We loved getting updates, texts, and pictures! It was almost like being there. 
Okay not quite, but it was still fun for us, too. 

Lots of Wii dancing time

What is with Jonas and his tackling adventures? 
He's such a mellow little guy that it seems to come out of nowhere.

Looks like Jonas was feeling comfortable with Uncle Ryan.

He just wants to be like his cousins...

After Amy and the kids left there, 
they drove to Provo to spend the day with McKay and McKenna, and Tyler and Karen. 
The 'weary-I'm-sure' travelers are almost home.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I wish I had done this

Below is a post from a blog I love. I just had to share because I so wish I had done this...and since my kids are all grown and gone, I can't. But if you can, you might be interested. 

Read on...




Growing up we memorized quotes.

Lots and lots of quotes.

If we memorized them, we could earn more "points" toward getting our money doubled for our allowance at the end of the week (learn more about the money system here). And because I was a "saver" boy you can bet I wanted that money doubled. So I slaved away to learn those quotes.

Man alive am I ever glad.

They come to my mind all the time and they are powerful.

So after much contemplation on what in the world to put in the alcove at the top of my stairs (I'm very particular about what I put on my walls as I explained here) I came across this chalkboard at Pottery Barn I HAD to have. (It helped that my dear sis-in-law worked there so I could get myself a hefty discount on it...thanks Kara!)

You see, I envisioned it filled with those quotes I memorized growing up, and new ones too.

And each time we climb the stairs we can think about something uplifting and empowering.

Each week I write something new up there.

And the kids have declared that they should have "turns" too.

I REALLY like how she said:
"They come to my mind all the time and they are powerful."

This blog writer has LOTS of great ideas, and she's all about sharing them.
You can check it all out at 71 Toes 

An After thought: 4 years ago Den and I took my parents to the funeral of Dr. Havenhill. He delivered 7 of her 8 babies. Which means I got to attend the funeral of the man how helped bring me into the world. Anyway, during the service a woman was singing an old time gospel I had never heard. Here was my Alzheimer's mother sitting next to me, who couldn't even remember why we were there that day, singing all those words, very quietly to herself. I turned to watch her and sure enough, she knew every single word. It was obviously from her childhood learning. 

My mom had told me many times while I was raising my sons, "Teach them to memorize things in their childhood and they will never forget them." She was right! I wish I had listened to her more.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Try this squash in the crockpot!

 Do you ever see these in the grocery store and wonder what to do with them?

I tried a great recipe for this in my crockpot a few nights ago.

1 acorn squash
2 apples: peeled, cored, and diced (I left the peel on mine)
1 tablespoon butter, melted
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 tablespoon chopped walnuts (I like a little more than this.)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

The Directions.
Use a 4-quart slow cooker. Cut the acorn squash in half. This is hard! The author found the easiest way is to microwave the squash for a minute on high to soften the skin. Then use a knife to cut it right down the middle.
Scoop out the seeds and discard. Put the squash into an empty slow cooker, skin side down. 
In a small mixing bowl, combine the cut up apple, melted butter, brown sugar, walnuts, salt, and cinnamon. Scoop this concoction into the acorn halves.
Cover and cook on low for 5 hours, or on high for 2 to 3.

Mine didn't look exactly like this photo, but it was SO GOOD.

Acorn squash is loaded with Vitamin A and C, plus magnesium, calcium and potassium 
which we need right now going into flu season.

This is all thanks to the Crockpot Lady, and her new book Den gave me for Christmas:

We had it with this recipe.which we loved too.  (minus the hot sauce, and brown rice instead of white because Dennis will not eat white rice.)
But really, this squash would taste good with anything.

This author was on GMA this past week. Watch the short video of her making Enchilada chili.
Watching it and tell me if you don't feel like getting out your crockpot!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Update on Amy's Utah trip

Today Amy, Kylie and the twins went to Studio 5 to watch Kris live!

But Jonas had a little problem.
He spontaneously likes to tackle his sister.  

It wouldn't be so bad, but look how close he was to the camera man! 
Personally, I wish he would have tackled her in front of the camera and on TV!
(So off to the Green room they were sent...with Amy of course.
The producer of the show has 2 sets of twins, so she was very understanding.)

Kris did an excellent job, as always. (I know because I watched it HERE.)
Isn't she so pretty?

Tired Jonas with beautiful Aunt Kim

Téa, Amy, and Kim

What memories they were able to make today!
Dennis and I were having so much fun just knowing they were all together.

Kim, Kylie, Amy, Jonas, Téa, Kris, and Karen (Amy's mom) 

Thank you Kris for sending me all these pictures!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Best Seller List -the week of your birth

My mom pregnant with her first in 1952 (which was not me)

Ever wonder what your mother may have read when she was pregnant with you?

Go here and just punch in a date.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Want to see some happiness?

I am home from Jury Duty, and I just had to share this picture!

A sweet friend who is in the blogworld, 
just gave birth to her FIFTH SON.

Gotta love the numbered shirts!
If you would like to see more pictures go here

Monday, January 10, 2011

Would you wear makeup on just one eye?

Yesterday morning I woke up with one swollen, red, and painful eye. As the morning progressed, so did the pain. Den said it looked like someone had punched me.I couldn't figure out what was going on.  So this morning I went to have it checked.

Kasier is so slick...just down the road, and I can always get in within hours of a phone call.
I figure I may as well just go in and see what she thinks.

Turns out I have eye eczema caused by some sort of allergy. My Dr told me to keep Cetaphil on my eye and go without makeup.

At least this is keeping my mind off the fact that I have jury duty tomorrow. 
I think I will just forget about it for now and go pack our lunches for tomorrow. Dennis is going with me!

But first, have to share something that made us happy today. Den got a text from our granddaughter Kylie.

"Hey just want to let u and gma no that we r doin very good and so r the twins! We r almost Barstow! " 

(Amy, Kylie, and the babies are on their way to Utah!)

And, her text included these 2 pictures!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I attended a funeral yesterday

I didn't take any notes except for one quote at the end.
Still, since yesterday morning I keep thinking about this exemplary woman.

Some things I remember from her service yesterday:

*She sold Avon for over 50 years
*She made excellent pies
*She would often give a loaf of bread or pie, or whatever she was making that day to someone in need. 
She taught her children to share what they had.
*She LOVED being a visiting teacher and took this calling very seriously. Even visiting her assigned sisters till the end. (I heard she would drive herself there, and then get her walker out of the trunk.)
*She would often have a puzzle going, and share doing it with her children and grandchildren.
*She took all her church responsibilities very seriously. (I even remember my Mom saying this about her.)

I had known Caroline Marshall growing up, yet, really didn't know her very well at all. She was 94 when she died this week, so to me, I have always known her as a Grandma.

She lived in the ward I grew up in. My mother knew her fairly I felt I attended in honor of her. 

I was in awe when I heard she has 21 grandchildren, 52 great grandchildren and 4 more on the way, and 1 great great grandchild, with 3 more on the way. And I was even more in  awe when I saw this on paper:

I could feel the spirit of this dearly loved woman. I could feel the love through the talks and music of her children and grandchildren. I could feel the cycle of life, and the continuation into the next one.  

One of her daughters talked about how in the very last moments before her Mom passed, she showed her a picture of her husband who had passed 15 years ago. What a wonderful reunion they must be having now.

I wish someone would have talked more about what kind of a mother she she raised her children, how she related to them. I think we can learn so much from how others have lived their lives, especially in relation to their families. But it may have been just too tender to bring up yesterday.

However, a quote by President James E. Faust, shared at the very end of her service, 
sums up her life here on earth:

"The good women do will follow them throughout all eternity."  

What more could any of us want?

Friday, January 7, 2011

I didn't get the adventure gene.

Not the physical adventure gene.

Not like my niece Lindsay has (shown here with her boyfriend Gard) in Colorado

I can't blame it on age, because look what my 80 year old father and his wife did recently:

Getting ready for the Zipline!

Oh yes, I kid you not. 

I even went through a period of time when I was growing up thinking I must have been adopted.
I'm definitely related to Téa. Or maybe I just feel a kinship with her style.