Thursday, December 16, 2010

Trader Joes Seeded Rolls


Sorry if you live in Utah because I know there is no TJs,
but for those of you who have Trader Joes in your city, these rolls are worth going for.

Not the cheapest, but right now, they are our favorite. $3.49 for a pkg of 6.
Don't look in the bakery section....they are with the frozen foods.

I find their bags entertaining.

Don't be afraid by how they look, or that they contain things like spelt flour and sesame seeds. 
They really are GOOD tasting. 
Fully cooked, so just warm and serve. 
Has anyone tried these? 
Do you love them as much as we do?

TJs is having a hard time keeping them in stock!


Sue said...

Nope! But I will now!


Eileen said...

I don't think we have a Trader Joe's near us, I'll have to look around.
You know I just did a post on how much I love bread so I would very much like to try these! They look delicious and the packaging is wonderful!
Love and Prayers,

Dad and Susan said...

We had so-so soup tonight and these rolls. I had a tablespoon of the soup and took 20 minutes to thoroughly enjoy these rolls with butter and raspberry jam. They are the best! They were the main course to me. Richard loves them too. Love, Dad and Susan

Kris said...

Those actually look REALLY good! Hey Dad, can you bring me some on the airplane when you come out for Jacob's baptism? :)

Security may think you're nuts, but that wouldn't be a first. LOL

grandmapeg said...

They look delicious!! Some time when you're in Trader Joe's you need to ask the manager if they are ever going to put a store here in Utah.

cristie said...

oh my...that looks yummy. xox

Robin said...

I have never tried them but I will now !!! Thanks for the tip !!

Anonymous said...

We discovered the Seeded Rolls a few months ago and loved them! We always kept several packages in our freezer. Now that our whole reserve is gone we are desperately searching, but have been told that TJ has discontinued them - what a shame! Very healthy and sooo tasteful!
TJ, bring them back - PLEASE!!!!!

Grandma Honey said...

I SO agree. I miss them too, but I suspect they will eventually bring them back.