Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas

From Paul Cardall.
Once I got past the makeup worn in the stable, I love this. 
Hope I didn't ruin it for you by saying that, but I think it helps to just acknowledge that and move on. 
Cardall writes such spiritual beautiful music.  And what expressions captured in those eyes.


Dad and Susan said...

Very memorable message and music. This was a lovely addition to our already spirit-filled Sabbath in our Ward this morning. The choir and musical numbers and the one talk were exceptional. Thank you for extending that feeling to our blog-reading. Love, Dad and Susan

grandmapeg said...

I love his music and this video was very touching. You always find the best videos!!! Thanks for sharing this one.

Sue said...

You're right. They didn't need the make-up, but I sure do love the story...and Paul Cardall, too.


Kris said...

That was absolutely beautiful. I'm going to share it with the kids tonight for family home evening.

Heather said...

That was so beautiful, I'm so glad I watched it. Thanks for sharing.