Friday, December 10, 2010

Do you own any Sears major appliances?

If so, then read on.
If not, you might want to consider buying from them next time. I'll tell you why.

The soap dispenser broke in our dishwasher a few weeks ago and I noticed the dishes were not getting as clean.  So I finally called Sears and asked how much it would be for them to come out and replace it. I was told it would be $139. to drive here which includes labor, plus there would be an additional charge for the part. I asked how much a soap dispenser would cost. The man I talked to kept telling me he had no idea. So I said,  "Well can't you find out for me?" So he put me on hold. I didn't mind waiting, as I always like to know what we are getting ourselves into before we schedule.

So he comes back and says the part I would need cost $36. So for a total of $175. I could have my dishwasher fixed. Then I asked, "But what if while here, the tech finds other things wrong with my dishwasher?" So then he asks if I was interested in their $200. plan. I said, probably not, but go ahead and tell me about it. 

If I were to pay $200. not only would this particular repair be covered, but all repairs for the next year. The so called "catch" to this, if any of the repairs are over $500. then I could opt for a $500. voucher for a new dishwasher...because Sears would only pay up to $500. per service call (under this $200. a year plan).

This is actually a great deal for an older dishwasher (6 1/2 years) because this is about the age they start falling apart, especially if they are used as much as I use mine. I can't lose with this plan. (He even said I could cancel the plan within 60 days.)

So I agreed to the $200. plan. The guy came out yesterday and discovered I needed THREE things replaced and fixed. He mentioned that the motor is sounding rough and loud and it may need to be replaced soon, although he thinks it is fine for now. No problem for me, now that I have this warranty.  I can have as many repair appts as needed throughout this year, and owe nothing more.

Den asked how can Sears afford this? The tech told us they are really trying to focus on customer service. Well I'm sold, but I admit I have liked Sears appliances and policies for over 30 years. Who else would let me buy a "warranty" 6 1/2 years after the purchase?

Oh and the tech told me he didn't think I would have been offered the $200. plan had I not asked questions. If I had just called and said, "My dishwasher is not working well. When can I have a repair man come?" ...they would have come out and told me about the 3 repairs needed, and the possibility of the motor going out in the near which time I would have said it's not worth it, we will just buy a new dishwasher...which is something I do not want to do right now.


Logan and Amy said...

or you could just buy your stuff from costco and return it the moment something goes wrong and get all your money back......ask me how many vacuums I've used from costco!

Grandma Honey said...

Good point Amy :))I love Costco!

But on the other hand, no one is going to take back a 6 1/2 year old dishwasher. It was fine until this month.

Sue said...

I always buy my washer and dryer and Sears, with the plan. Over the years, it pays for itself.


Logan and Amy said...

no one but costco!

Logan (not Amy)

Dad and Susan said...

Logan must have a truck if he's able to return a dishwasher to Costco. As old people, we are great fans of Costco and have returned a plethora of items. However, we're sold on Sears washers and dryers. It appears as if it pays to ask lots of questions, Jill. You scored! Love, Dad and Susan

Anonymous said...

My Sears dishwasher is over 26 years old and not a repair ever needed!! All other appliances are Maytag, the most excellent company ever. Just ask the lonely repairman!

Lisa said...

I have never liked warranties, but you sure got a great deal! Thanks for the heads up! I LOVE Kenmores myself. At least their vacuums. ALl my sil's bought Dyson. I could not, would not spend $500 plus on something I replace every year! So, I found out that Sears makes model just like Dyson for $200 less AND I bought the warranty since I know I'd probably have to use it within a year! Guess what? 3 years later & it hasn't broke yet! My vision & vacuums don't go well together! LOL

Scrapally said...

This was a timely post, as my kenmore built in microwave just stopped working. I will ask questions when I call!!! Thank you for sharing such helpful information!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I went to Sears this morning and thought of you and your post after the wonderful experience I had while ordering a part for my vacuum cleaner. I had the most delightful salesperson who went above and beyond the call of duty in assisting me. Kudos to Sear's for hiring her!

Kris said...

Oh wow. What a wonderful policy! It's been 6 years since we've had our dishwasher and as luck would have it, it went kaput last week. Loud noises while washing and it would not drain. Sure enough, burned out motor. We ended up buying a brand-new one. Wish I had known about Sears!