Saturday, December 11, 2010

Even little guys have minds of their own

Den stood in line at 'Tuesday Morning' at 8am (last Tuesday of course) 
so he could buy this tent for our grandchildren.

Jonas however was not too sure about it all. 
He would not go inside, even with Grandpa showing him how.
Don't be surprised if the picture above disappears after Den finds out I put it on here.

Grandpa finally talked him into going inside, but then attempted to coax him into trying the tunnel. No way.

Jonas found a way to solve this problem. Just disconnect the tunnel from the tent.

Buddy will do whatever it takes to get that tunnel out of his life. 

Next he went to work on squashing the tent.
No one is going to tell this baby what he has to play with.

Meanwhile, his sister is having problems of her own.
She pulled the plant onto the floor which made her Grandma Honey scream. 
It's a reflex in me when I think someone may be in danger. Den says it's part of my DNA.

She clings to Grandpa for comfort.

The tears just won't stop. She cries and points, "Tree!" 
Téa just can't get over it. 
Grandpa is saying as I'm taking this picture, "She has the same DNA as you."
(I guess meaning I don't get over things easily either)

Maybe we just need to get away from our problems and go outside. 
Let's make a run for it.

Must be nice going through life with a little partner.


Sue said...

What a darling post in every way. I love visiting your blog!


Dad and Susan said...

Ohmigoodness! This is so adorable. The pictures are priceless. Tea (how do you make that accent?) was crying and you're taking pictures. Thank goodness Dennis was there to comfort her!!! Just kidding as we're so glad you did! Love, Dad and Susan

Karen Mortensen said...

Very sweet post. Those two are so cute.
I think my mom has some of the same DNA that you do. I had a similar experience with her with a Hummel figurine once.

Anonymous said...

Seeing Dennis in the tent, I now think he would be a natural young men's president.

Paul Gage

Scrapally said...

How cute. Isn't being a grandma the best? My two little ones will arrive this week at grandma's house and I can't wait! Jonas and Tea are sooo fun to read about!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

They are so adorable. What a great tent and good grandparents to have that tent in the living room. You and I are so much alike! I love your tree and your mantle looks beautiful!
I guess I have the same dna as you and Tea, because I think I would have reacted the same way.

Heather said...

Oh boy, are they cute. I love the pink bow in Tea's hair. I always scream or gasp too, drives me nuts but it's hard to control.

I love posts of the twins because they are just a few months older than Hannah so it gives me a preview. Remember the post about tying your chairs under the table? I'm thinking that sounds like a good idea right about now. She is obsessed with climbing on the table these days...

Heather said...

Oh, and everytime I see a picture of your lemon tree, I start to wish I lived in California! :-)

Dennis said...

uhh, this stage of my life, that $14.99 was the most I'll ever pay again for a tent. And...I don't sleep on the ground anymore. That's for you young guys.


Lisa said...

Such a cute post & narrative! Poor kids. Dennis looks CUTE too! I'm sure if other kids were playing in that tent they'd be right there w/ 'em! LOL

PS: I can't believe he only paid $14.99. I almost paid $80 on Amazon for a similar thing only it had 4 tunnels like that. The reviews all said that the tent with tunnels is the MOST PLAYED with thing in their home. A few comments said they had 2-4 little ones & while the tent is cheaply made, it survived all the rough housing & fun play times.

Your grandchildren will play with it alot I'm sure!

darlene said...

Is that a real Christmas tree? It looks so perfect! It's loaded with ornaments. Are those ones you've collected over the years, or is this a new look?

Kris said...

I am in LOVE with that picture of dad in the tent! That is just the cutest ever! Oh, brings back the good ole' days camping with dad! :) But I definitely know what his camping style is these days...and I don't blame him! (I'm starting to get that way as well!) The twins are adorable as ever. I especially love this last picture of the two of them at the lemon tree together. It definitely is a blessing to have that constant companion through life.

Grandma Honey said...

No Darlene, the tree's not real. I'm allergic to those, so we use this same tree every year. Right, all the decorations I have collected through the years. I was never one for buying decorations so it's a wonder I ended up with so many.

Grandma Honey said...

Lisa~ I think you're right...that is just what I've been thinking...once the other grandkids play in the tent I think Jonas will want to. But then again, he's a lot like his father having his own agenda.

Anonymous said...

I recall Joe Maskovitch something similar. When you make comments like that you are practically begging for that calling. The way I see it you are an excellent example of what Young Men should aspire to be like.

Paul Gage

Eileen said...

Yes, it must be very nice to go through life with a little partner like that!
I often think my grandson Jayden would do well to have a partner like that! He seems so lonesome sometimes. My children all had each other and so many cousins too. Jayden has Mia but with him in school full time now he only gets to see her once a week.

I can't get over the little ones outside without jackets and everything still so green! It is very cold here now! And so much wind and rain today.

Dennis made a great buy! Jayden loves tents and tunnels, and I remember when he was in Nursery all the little ones used to fight over the tunnels! I think the twins will have hours and hours of fun with it!

I'm the same as you with kids falling, or things getting knocked over, I'm always thinking the worst, and I end up scaring the kids worse than the fall that they took!

Your home looks so Christmas pretty!

Love and Prayers,
PS ~ Great deal from Sears on the warranty!

grandmapeg said...

Everything that I wanted to say has been said by others. That's what I get for being late on reading and catching up. I also thought it was kind of funny that as Téa is crying you are still snapping pictures, but I am glad you did :-) They are cuties and it has been so much fun seeing your grandchildren growing up with your pictures of them. Thanks for sharing!!!