Monday, November 8, 2010


About a year ago, my granddaughter Elora saw an article in the paper about a girl who donated her hair for cancer patients. She decided right then and there that she wanted to do the very same thing.

So she let her hair grow, and last January she told me about her plans.
No one can say Elora lack's passion.

Well the day finally arrived last week. 
Elora's pony tail reached 10 inches! Her hair was ready to be cut off and donated!! 

 Jenny is now open for business in her new beautiful salon!

Jenny is a true artist the way she cuts hair. Even she said, "If I could take my head off, I'd have the best hair in town"  I told her that should be her slogan in her advertising!


Kris said...

Way to go Elora!!!! What a great experience in which she will never forget. And that new "do" on her is absolutely adorable!

Grandmotherfairy said...

What a sweet post...little children are so would be hard for me to cut off all my hair...I am so glad you mentioned Jenny's new salon...I'll have to give it a try!

Jared and Heather said...

Elora's haircut is so cute, it makes me want to chop my hair off! :-) What a good heart she has, donating her hair like that.

darlene said...

I love how Elora wants to help others so passionately! Very rare for such a young one. And her new hair style is adorable!

grandmapeg said...

I love the video clips of Elora!! She is one AWESOME girl and so passionate about whatever she does! And I love her hairstyle! It makes her look older. I'm sure her family is so proud of her for doing this service! Thanks for sharing!!

Dad and Susan said...

Brave comes to mind in describing Elora. Compassionate beyond her years is another. Determined, dedicated, delightful are a few. But Angel is the most apt. Love, Dad and Susan

McKenna Heasley said...

Elora is my hero! How scary but it turned out so beautifully!

Robin said...

Way to go.....!!!! Ashley organized Locks of Love at Buchanan her senior year and they cut off teenagers hair in the middle of the quad during the lunch hour. Oh the tears!! Some planned for it and some did it on the spur of the moment. Quite emotional as I remember. It was the first time Ashley had short hair since she was 2. Brings back memories - I must admit, it was harder for me to see the hair go than it was for her...

Violet is lucky to be coming to such a family!

Eileen said...

Elora looks beautiful with her new short hair!
And such a beautiful heart for one so young! Such a giving spirit!

Our daughter Ellie has donated her locks a few times too. Her hair is very long now and I'm wondering if she's going to do it again. I'll have to bring her here to see Elora.

Great post, Jill!
Love and Prayers,
PS ~ Beautiful salon! 'Love the decor! Lots of luck to Jenny!

Sue said...

I LOVE Elora stories. In fact, I just love Elora! And I definitely love her new hair cut (as well as the reason for it).

Rock on, Elora!

You are the best!!!


Mar~ said...

Elora is fabulous! What a wonderful thing to do for others.
She is beautiful in every way.

jenny said...

OH JILL I just LOVE you!!!! I had so much fun with Elora. She is definitely an old soul setting an amazing example for ALL!!!!

Thank you for the little shout out too. Your precious.

Karen Mortensen said...

I love this post. I thought it was funny how she reacted to holding the braid after it was cut off.
That was so great that she did that. I have always wanted to do that but my hair won't grow that long. Now it has gray and color in it.
She looks adorable.