Sunday, November 14, 2010

I am allergic to the new handbooks

It was like watching church history being made last night as all the bright new shiny handbooks were passed out all throughout the chapel. (We don't get new handbooks often.)

But shortly after the books were handed out I noticed my throat was feeling funny. It kept getting thicker and more scratchy. So I put my handbook under my chair, thinking maybe that would help. But as Den was flipping through the pages of his, my throat kept feeling worse. So I got up and left.

I decided to just stay in the foyer and listen from there. I do wonder if the 'new book fumes' bothered anyone else.

After the meeting was over I came home and took some Benedryl. It helped a little but not enough. I felt too uncomfortable to attend the evening stake conference meeting, and also the one this morning. I look forward to those so it was sad to miss out. 

Who would have thought.


Scrapally said...

That is so strange. Hope you feel better soon! I wasn't feeling well yesterday so missed the training and the evening conference. that is always my favorite meeting and I hated to miss it. Still wasn't feeling 100% today but I went anyway because our stake youth choir was singing and I didn't want to miss it. They were awesome and it was a great meeting. My head is finally feeling better tonight. Let's hope you and I can have a good week!! I don't have my new handbook yet, but I'll be careful when I open it!

Grandma Honey said...

Scrapally~~ I think you will be fine with your handbook. I'm fine when I just have one on my lap. But to be in that chapel with those books everywhere was apparently too much for me. They just need to be aired out. :)
I heard the choir was REALLY good.

Sue said...

I'm really sensitive to any kind of chemical smell myself. And there are chemicals in the ink, etc.

So sorry you had to miss stake conference. Elder Anderson was at ours yesterday. It's so cool to have an apostle visit. You would have REALLY hated missing that one.


PS. Hope the reaction disappears entirely soon!