Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Elora Rose and the Supremes

The day after Thanksgiving Elora asked to share a song she said she had made up and written in her journal. So I quickly got out my camera. What I didn't realize til it was almost over...she had McKenzie and Hailey off to the side doing the swaying "Supreme" thing.


Sue said...

I love how comfortable she is with herself. We should all be so self-assured!


Natalie said...

She is so darling, and quite the impressive song writer already! I love her hair these days too. One benefit of my new computer is that it doesn't automatically shut down the moment I start watching a video=) Yahoo!

darlene said...

Elora's a good song writer! Nice.

Hey, just curious, was that the Supreme's real hair? Or were those wigs? It never occured to me to ask that question back then. We didn't have sophisticated hair straightening techniques in those days. An iron and ironing board had to do!

grandmapeg said...

I think your girls just might have a singing career in the future. And I forgot how big those hairdos were back then on the Supremes and others. A person could get lost in those :-) Thanks for sharing!

Susan Rozier said...

Delightful! Elora is a good leader. McKenzie and Haily made good pips. So fun to hear that calm delivery from the real Supremes. Does anyone else notice the bosoms from that era? Always cracks me up. Love, Susan

(I'm not adding your dad's name to this because I don't know what his impression is of the bosoms from that day.)

Grandma Honey said...

Darlene~~~ Den and I were talking about that last night. We both voted they are wearing wigs.

Susan~~~ I know what you mean. They're pointy. Must have been the 1960s.

Eileen said...

Elora has a very pretty voice and she's quite the performer! Really a natural! I liked her song a lot, very sweet and touching.
And thanks for the blast from the past! The Supremes were one of my favorites!

I think I've caught up here, and I enjoyed each and every post! I should have commented on them all here, but I left comments on each one, sorry.
Love and Prayers,