Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 1 of our Adventure

We wanted to go to the Has Been Drive In for Lunch
 I hope you like this picture because Den had to turn around and go several miles back, and then I had to go trekking through soil that may not have been walked on since 1969 (Den's estimation), when this fine hamburger place went under.

Isn't it sad to think this was once someone's business. Families probably gathered here for lunch while driving from LA to Fresno. And now, it's creepy. There were holes in the ground where golphers, spiders, or snakes may be living. Den informed me of this after I got back into the car.

 This all happened in Pixley.
Isn't Pixley from Petticoat Coat Junction, for those old enough to remember that show?

So the only bad thing that happened today was Den only came with ONE shirt (the one he is wearing) besides his white one he has packed for church.  
I am mad at myself for not packing for him!
So he thought he could find a shirt here. 
I said no.
You can't see it, but there's a sign on that rack that says Shirts $1.00
I LOVE used clothing, but this place was scary.  

So we spent the evening at Kohls. But there are no short sleeve shirts to be found...not any good ones, I mean. It is suppose to be long sleeve weather but it's still in the 80s!

But we do love our hotel. 

We like it better since we added our own blankets. 

And then the second thing I did was wash all the dishes in the cupboards.
We get to stay 2 nights for free. 
Den's Marriott points expire on Nov. 11th so it's a good thing we are here.

More tomorrow. Please come back.

btw, Anyone know how to eat a pomegranate?
You don't actually eat those seeds do you?  


Ann said...

Nice hotel room,full equip, like a new apartment. for pomegranate we dont eat the seeds, it is juicy! I was lazy to eat this haha I will dump all in mouth the throw all the seed in one short :p

Grandma Honey said...

So Ann...the only way to get the juice out is to suck the seeds and then spit them out?

cristie said...

now, this is so much fun to see! you really now how to share a trip.

peel the fruit under water. eat the seeds. i eat all of the fruit without spitting out...but maybe you will want to. i really like the seeds on a salad.

my son packed to come home a few months ago and just brought a pair of socks. his wife was not too happy. xox

Eileen said...

Oh, this is fun! And I love your hotel room!
It was sad to see the abandoned hamburger place, but it brought back memories of of the drive-in places we went to when I was little (where the waitresses came out to your car and brought your order on a little tray that attached to your car window, and my Dad would pass out the hamburgers, and my Mom would pass out the drinks), it was so much fun and a big treat for us kids, and I'm sure a financial sacrifice for my parents as we were a family of nine!
I love road trips! Thanks for taking us along. I'll be doing a few posts like this too about our trip to Florida.

I actually like those big eyeglasses but this is the first I've heard of 'no lenses'! You learn something new everyday!

'Loved Jonas pointing out his family members (especially pointing to Tea! So adorable! The pictures are all so beautiful but I guess that's easy when you have such a beautiful family!

Thank you for all your kind comments to me, and I'm posting the recipe you asked for later today.
Enjoy your weekend!
Love and Prayers,

grandmapeg said...

The seeds are the best part of the pomegranate!! I have a recipe for a three layer jello that calls for pomegranate seeds. I make it during the Christmas holidays. I love those old buildings so I'm glad Dennis went back :-) Your hotel is very nice!! Do you always take your own blankets when you travel??? I don't remember taking any blankets on our Oakland trip. I am enjoying very much, this trip of yours! Thanks for sharing!

McKenna Heasley said...

I love the kitchen in your room! Does that mean you'll be cooking while you're there? I also thought the pictures of the old drive in were so cool! That sounds just like something McKay and I would do. We always see places on the side of the road we want to explore when we're on road trips.
Also I eat the pomegranate seeds! Maybe that's weird though but I love them!

darlene said...

Yeah, you eat the seeds. We have two pomegranate trees in our yard. Some people chew the seeds to get the juice and then spit out the pulp. Others juice them in their juicers. They are so time consuming to eat, a person could starve to death trying to live on them. Tasty, though.

Grandma Honey said...

Thank you Ann, Christie, Eileen, grandmapeg, McKenna, and Darlene for your comments.

Yes, I've learned to take our own blankets. There is no way I am going to lie on their bedspread that I don't know the history of.
McKenna, I do like to cook in our hotel, a little anyway. Eating out gets old real quick.

Thank you for all the advice on the pomegranates. It sounds like they are suppose to be more fun and colorful than anything else.

Mar~ said...

This is fun seeing your road trip! Road trips are the best.
Pomegranates are my favorite! Yes, yes, eat the seeds! Full of antioxidants and fiber!
I wash the outside, cut off the ends, and then cut into quarters (with fruit side face down on cutting board). Then immerse in a bowl of water and pop out the seeds. Just tug a little on them and they will pop out. If you do it while they are immersed, they will not spray you and stain your clothes, hands, etc. Once the seeds are all in the water, you can skim off the white pith. Then just drain off the water and you have a bowl full of little pomegranate heaven, no mess!
Can't wait to see more of your trip. I read that there is an old melodrama in town, have you ever gone to see one there?

Dad and Susan said...

This is a fun post of your road trip. Keep up the good work. We're interested in your unique viewpoint on things. Love, Dad and Susan

Rebecca said...

well at least the hotel looks nice and pomegranates are very good for you! I love them, we grew up with them. Yes eat the seeds!

Scrapally said...

Day one was a very fun read! You are a great storyteller! I think like you do when I see old buildings and places...I wonder about their history and the things that went on there, what the people were like, etc...your hotel looks like a cozy little apartment! Looking forward to day two of "our" trip.

Anonymous said...

I remember an interview with James Garner. He said he was born in Oklahoma and the first words he learned were Mama and Bakersfield.

Jill, dont forget to see the Globe that Dave installed at the train station.

Kris said...

What a fun trip! Yes, the pomegranate seeds you EAT! We love them at our house and actually put them in salads, too!

Richard said...

Mom and dad took their honeymoon to Bakersfield! We upgraded and went to Tijuana.

Ann said...

Grandma Honey I saw an article post about the benefit of Grapes Seeds so I wonder and I checked on Pomegranate seeds. It helps in reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in the body and trigger the production of good cholesterol.

Maybe I should start eat with the seeds and for grapes seeds too :).

Happy Thanks Giving.