Thursday, October 21, 2010

Update on climbing on the table

We found something that really works! 
I hesitate showing this video because I sound like an old whiny woman. So turn down your volume.  
But I just had to share our solution.
It works like a charm! (My mom use to say that.)

Oh, and when the babies come over I usually have music on for them to help make them feel more at home.


grandmapeg said...

Congratulations Jill!!! That strap around the chairs and table is a great idea!!! And I love how you have your kitchen area blocked off too. It is so fun to see Jonas and Téa walking around getting into different things! Thanks for sharing your great idea!

Jared and Heather said...

My kids love to watch the Jonas and Tea videos. They are so busy!!! Looks like you found a great solution to your problem. By the way, I love your floors, very pretty and they look very clean!! :-)

darlene said...

I LIKE your voice.

Ammy said...

Oh Jill!!! You do NOT sound like an old whiny woman...I loved hearing your voice...made me miss you!
Love the strap idea!!! I will have to remember that IF and WHEN we ever have another little one.

Grandma Honey said...

Ammy~ You mean maybe, just maybe? How exciting that would be!

Darlene~ Thank you. I do need to turn it down, but the microphone is right there on the camera that is just inches from my mouth :(

Heather~ Laminate flooring is soooo much easier to keep clean than carpet or tile floors ever was. I love that Nathan and Hannah watch the videos!

Peggy~ That strap around the table is working really well, but you know what? They have been over a few times since, when the strap wasn't on, and they don't even try to climb. I guess since they have tried it and it didn't work, they totally took our table off their radar screen.

Karen Mortensen said...

These two are way too cute. Let's hear it for good ole ingenuity.
Reminds be of a seatbelt we had made for Daniel many years ago.

Sue said...

Hey, whatever works, you know? And that is some creative childproofing!

=D said...

That's awesome that worked! What I want to know is how you can have a PLANT down at eye level to them without them playing in the dirt!?! And my kids would totally see past the rug over the cord in the floor...haha! It's funny how all kids find different things fascinating! :)

Grandma Honey said...

Natalie~ Since they don't live with me and only come over about once or twice a week, the babies don't notice every little my own boys would have years ago. Jonas was in the plant earlier, but it was too heavy for me to move. I can handle a few things, but the more I make my house like a giant playpen, the less work and more fun I have with them. In a blog post you did a while back you said your kids do much better if you get them out and about...kept them from getting bored at home and destroying things. My sons were the same way!

Sue~ That's what I say too...whatever works! :)

Karen~ Back in the day where we could alter seat belts, unlike today. My first 2 sons weren't even in car seats...they were not required and hardly anyone had them back then.

Dennis said...

The straps are from Lowe's and they are called "Lashing" straps. My dear wife won't call them that because she doesn't like the word. They come in a package of two for less than $10. Seem to work well.


Feel free to delete this one if you want.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Jill, you crack me up!