Friday, October 22, 2010

Spring and Peck

Retirement Class #6

This was the best one yet. Our teacher, Spring Sun, had her husband, Dr. Peck Ung came talk to us about all the ailments we can possibly expect to come down with as we age. Well that was not exactly relaxing, but I did really enjoy learning about some of the new case studies.

Like this one that came out just last week.
They put 10 people on the same diet to lose weight. Only thing they varied was their sleep. Half slept 5 hours
a night, the other half a full 8 hours a night. Both groups lost the same amount of weight. However, the ones who only slept 5 hours a night lost muscle mass. Very interesting that lack of sleep can do this to a person.

Oh, and check out this one on being criticized:
They put people in 3 groups: friends, friendenemies, and enemies. (friendenemies are 'friends' who criticize us.) She said they are more harmful to us than we think we are.
So several people were monitored (heart monitors, etc) while talking on the phone to those 3 different kinds of people in their lives. They reacted most poorly (stress-wise) when they were talking not to their enemies, but to their friendenemies.

Or maybe we just need to follow Téa's example, and be excited about the little things in life.


Karen Mortensen said...

I agree. I love the leaves in the window.

darlene said...

What was the difference between the two lists on the white board?

grandmapeg said...

I can see why friendenemies would be stressful. Some times we expect more from our friends as far as being supportive of us and when they criticize us, we are disappointed or stressed out, more so than what our enemies say to us or about us. And losing muscle mass because of lack of sleep is totally fascinating to me. Thanks for sharing your information!

Grandma Honey said...

grandmapeg~ She said friendenemies can be anyone in your life. She used a mother in law as an example.

What confuses me about the loss of muscle mass is one would think if you are up and around more (only sleeping 5 hours a night) you would gain muscle mass, not lose it.

Grandma Honey said...

Darlene~ The first list (blue) are the top conditions people get as they age. The 2nd list is a sort of game to connect names of illnesses to what they mean. For example, Alzheimer's would be memory loss. Obviously our teacher is young or she would have realized we all know at our age what those illnesses mean.

Sue said...

At first I looked at your list and thought the class would be depressing, but once you started talking about some of the material you're learning, I was fascinated.

I don't think I have any friend-enemies. Because if they aren't "real" friends, I get rid of 'em!


Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I read somewhere that when you are trying to lose weight more sleep is what you need, not less. That makes sense according to the info you're learning in your class. I find the topic of friend enemies and their affect on your health a very interesting one.

Jared and Heather said...

Look at Tea's cute pigtails!!! Is her hair getting lighter? It looks almost blond in this picture.

Grandma Honey said...

Sue~ Good thought Sue, but aren't there friends, or other people in your life that you care about, who can jab you at times? Maybe innocently, maybe not, but it hurts, right?

Kathy~ I had heard similar studies too about sleeping and losing weight...which always strikes me a bit odd since I would think we burn more calories while we are awake doing things.

Heather~ I think it's probably just the lighting in that picture. Téa's hair could be classified I guess as a dark blond. It will probably get darker as she grows. Her Daddy had very blond (white) hair as a baby and now it's very dark. Thank you for the compliment about her pigtails. I love them too :)

Richard said...

So if Will Smith had named his kid Egbert, where would we be now??

Lisa said...

Very interesting stuff! I "get" the loss of muscle mass! You muscles need to rebuild itself all the time especially for those who do strength training where the activity breaks down the muscles...ask a personal trainer. SLEEP allows us to rebuild.

Your twins are getting so grown up! TOO CUTE