Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Story of Stuff

Mrs. Spring Sun, the teacher at our Retirement class, surprised us.
I don't know how old she is, but she is very cute and stylish looking.  So I was surprised when she said she buys ALL her clothing at Goodwill and Salvation Army.  Her husband is a physician, so it's not like she can't afford to buy elsewhere.

A friend asked her once,  "Don't you think you are worth more than that?"   
She was stunned and didn't know quite how to respond.  
She explained to us that her worth is not in relation to how much money she spends on clothes!  

She was excited to tell us that there is always
50% off on Saturdays at Salvation Army, and
50% off on Wednesdays at AM VETS.
(I'm assuming this is only local, but I don't know.)

Which brings me to our homework assignment. Mrs. Sun asked us all to watch the video below. 
It's 20 minutes long, so just go to 10:14, and you will see how interesting this is.

I'm more of a Yard Sale person myself.
Has anyone had luck finding good items or clothing at a Salvation Army type place?


darlene said...

My sons are all very big on the "stuff" videos. I've seen a number of them and think they're great. Well done.

Jill said...

Darlene~ You would really like Spring Sun. She thinks in some ways like you.

Heidi Garvin said...

Almost every shirt you've ever complimented of mine is from a thrift store or was bought for five dollars or less at a sample sale. My bike at USC was used and a lot of my possessions in the past have been hand me downs. Part of this is because I like to reuse or repurpose items. Part of it is because I am poor.

Jared and Heather said...

I buy about a third of my kids' clothes at thrift stores. Also kids' books are cheap there too, and I can usually find classic titles in great shape for a dollar or two.

darlene said...

When I go to wal-mart and see the incredibly cheap prices on clothes made in some undeveloped country, I have to think, "How much must these people be making per hour to produce this $2 blouse?"

Lisa said...

Can't wait to watch the videos (have to wait for my son to get up...he needs his beauty sleep! LOL. My room is next to his & my volumn has to be at the highest setting.

ANyways....my best & only pair of Levi's that look good on me cost $3.50!!! Practically new at a thrift store. It was my first experience as I'm a "high" end shopper! LOL. My son Daniel buys 89% of his clothes at Goodwill type places. He's looking good too!

I think I LOVE your teacher & the class! Thanks for keeping us posted. Is she making a difference in the way you see the future? JC (just curious, not Jesus Christ fyi) : D

grandmapeg said...

I watched the whole video and it was a little depressing but informative. I have one daughter-in-law that shops at thrift stores for a lot of her kids' clothes and some of hers too and for the childrens' books. I have a sister who also shops at thrift stores and the clothes are very nice. I need to be more like them. Thanks for sharing the information from your class. I look forward to the next information you will pass along!

Carly said...

Thrift stores are still overpriced. Anything used should be no more than a dollar. Yard sales all the way baby!

Jill said...

Heidi~ You always look like a fashion plate to me. I think used clothes is the way to go!

Heather~ My boys grew up with Yard sale clothes and we loved them. I never thought to try thrift stores.

Darlene~ I think we can get better quality clothing buying used. And since they have been through washings, it easier to tell quality.

Lisa~ 89% huh? You're too cute.

grandmapeg~ I agree that the video was a bit depressing...especially if I thought of going shopping after watching it.

Carly~ I've had good luck at the Yard sales too. Aunt Robin is the queen of finding good deals!