Friday, September 3, 2010

I also found a Hailey memory

Still cleaning out drawers around here. I tend to put special things away and then find them later, like this one:

This reminds me of a conversation Hailey and I had last Monday while she was visiting here.
We were in the kitchen together while I was cleaning the sink:

Hailey:  "Why are you scrubbing the sink?'
Me:  "Because it's Monday. I always scrub my sink on Monday."
Hailey:  "Every Monday??"
Me:  "Yes, that's the plan."
Hailey:  "Oh, so you plan to, but it doesn't always happen."
Me:  "Uh, okay, yes... I guess you're right."

I felt like I was talking to another adult and she is barely in the 1st grade!

Here's another wonderful memory. 
The last time I was in Rocklin, Hailey showed me this in her bedroom.


lindsay lark said...

Wow, that birth announcement takes me way back- I remember spending hours cutting out all the little pieces etc and assembling those for Robin. I figured they'd spend a few weeks on refrigerators and then be tossed in the trash. Glad to see you saved my handiwork!

Jill said...

Oh so Lindsay, you're the one who made this? I always thought it was darling, and of course I will never throw it away!

Jill said...

And now that I have it on my blog, it will be in family history forever. :)

Jared and Heather said...

I am cracking up at "Oh so you plan to, but it doesn't always happen." This is like the story of my life when it comes housework! What a cutie Hailey is!

Karen Mortensen said...

That is the cutes baby picture. Hailey is so sweet.

Susan Rozier said...

This is very poignant on many levels. Hailey's "Oh so you plan to, but it doesn't always happen." is the story of my life, sad to say. I have many more plans than I have happens. Love the pictures. Love, Susan

Sue said...

Awwww. And I love Mom and Dad's picture, too!