Friday, September 17, 2010


Has anyone seen this movie? 
Did you like it?

Dennis and I saw it today (love furlough Fridays!!), and even he liked it.
Well he said it was "okay" but I could tell he enjoyed it.

To me, it was about not always trusting our judgments of people.  Sometimes we think we know what they are all about when really we don't.
It was about being honest: "Sometimes a little pain in the beginning, can save a whole lot of pain in the long run."
And about the blessings of grandparents, and what an influence they can have on us, even influencing who we fall in love with.

The best part was the music from the 1950s and 60s...playing all through it.  
It was done in a Wonder Years sort of style.  Remember that show from the 80s and 90s?  I loved it!

There were a few words I could have done without...I don't know why even the good movies have to do that.  And it didn't get great reviews.  I think it's only been in this town for a couple weeks, and it looks  like it's leaving soon because we are down to 1 showing a day, in 1 theater!  I heard this movie took off more in Utah. 
Anyone know if that's true?

Personally, I liked sharing the theater with just 5 other people.

The ending song left Den and I in a trance.
After the other 5 left, we just sat there until the popcorn sweepers came in.

Or maybe I was the only one in a trance.  I think he was just trying to be the good husband, waiting for me to tell him when it was time to go home.
BYU football puts him in a trance.  Which explains why we went to the movies today, and not tomorrow.

Press the title of the song, not the little arrow.


Karen Mortensen said...

I love the Everly Brothers. They would have had to carry me out of there.

I know what you mean about BYU football. We have that some problem in our house too.

Sounds like a great movie.

Grandmotherfairy said...

You are the second person to say they liked the movie...if we ever get there again, I would love to see it...thanks for sharing the music...the Everly Brothers are one of my favorites!

Dad and Susan said...

Jill, I surely wish I'd seen this before Nellie and I went to see "Easy A," which was HORRIBLE.

We can't get your song to play as it keeps asking us to sign up for a MySpace Account. ???? Don't understand.

Where was the movie playing?

Love, Dad and Susan

Jill said...

Susan...I don't know why it won't play. Try clicking on the name of the song only. You would really like this movie, so would Nellie. It's at Edwards in Riverpark but only at 12:50 pm. And I think the last day will be this coming Thursday.

Grandmother Fairy~ You sound like me, "if we ever get there again" This was the first time Den and I had been in that theater since we were dating 11 years ago!

Karen~ Oh, yes, love the Everly Brothers!

Richard said...

You were, no doubt, in a trance, Dennis was likely taking a nap.

Rebecca said...

John and I had wanted to see this movie. Do you think it is ok for Jake to see? We don't go to many movies because they are so many bad ones!

Jill said...

Rebecca~ I think it would be good for teenagers to see. No sex in innuendos, good morals...emphasized what is important in life. There was some rough language in spots...that's all that I can think that bothered me. I think it would make for some good conversation after wards.

Jill said...

One more thing Rebecca~ It was more innocent that The Wonder Years. As much as I liked that TV show, it could be a bit harsh at times...not so with Flipped.

grandmapeg said...

I haven't seen it yet but you convinced me I should and especially since it has an Everly Brothers song. I love the Everly Brothers and I love this song!!!

Sue said...

I'm going to see if this is playing near me and go this weekend.

Thanks for the tip!