Monday, August 16, 2010

They're Home!!

We are so happy to have all these feet back on California soil carpet. 
Back from their 12 day trip to St. Louis.
All 9 of them showing their right foot.  
Téa not so generous with hers!

Amy said an older man came up to her after the flight and said he took a survey and decided they got voted the best family on the plane!  He was impressed at how well behaved everyone was. 

I hope Amy and Logan are as successful in explaining to the twins about the 2 hour time change. 
The next few days may be an adventure in sleeping!

This video makes me itch.


Dad and Susan said...

What an ambitious family! They continue to amaze me. The kids really are well-behaved. That man of the plane was right!

How wonderful for them to visit some Church History sites. Hope we get to hear more from them about their trip.

Love you pictures! Love, Dad and Susan

Mary said...

We vacationed in Missouri last summer. Definitely more bugs there than our eastern AZ mountains! We plan to do New York and church history sites next year. Can't wait!

the Rich girl said...

I LOVE the feet picture! Proof that they are back in California! :)

I'll just pretend that you guys took it just for me.

Hope everyone had a good time. (Though I'm sure they are glad to be back, too.)

Jill said...

Oh that's right Karen. You like to have pictures of feet showing you were there! So I should have dedicated that first picture to YOU.:)

grandmapeg said...

That foot picture is cute! I've never thought of doing that before. I'm sure that was a fun trip for them. I know exactly what they're talking about with all of the mosquitos back there. I hope it wasn't too hot and humid for all of them.

Rebecca said...

well....they all have nice sandals.

Ammy said...

We have a ton of mosquitoes here.. Lavender oil help A TON with takes away the itch for 12 hours.!

Jill said...

I hope Amy sees this about the lavender oil. I think I have some.

Sue said...

What a neat family. I think they deserved the best family award on the airplane!


Karen Mortensen said...

I also love the feet picture-is it a Karen thing? I think your caption is very cleaver.

Amy-desclose your imformation NOW on how you have taught your children to be so well mannered. I love it. That was nice of that man. Usually when people see lots of kids, they get nervous. Glad it went well.

The mosquitoes bring back memories of Okinawa. I think I got so many bites on my legs that I am now immuned to them.

Lisa said...

SUCH EXCITEMENT & FUN! What was in St. Louis? What a GREAT FAMILY ya'll are.