Thursday, August 26, 2010

Look what I found when I cleaned out a kitchen drawer today.

Tyler wrote this when he was 11, about 3 months after his Dad died.

Then, right next to it, I found this note from McKay. 
I don't know when he wrote it...sometime when he was a teenager.
Is it any wonder they are such good husbands now?  
Karen and McKenna:  They are good husbands, right??

And just in case you are wondering, I do clean out that drawer more often than every 13 years.  
I just keep putting those notes back in to enjoy the next time I clean it out.


Scrapally said...

I have a couple of rare notes like that from my boys that I too have hung onto. They are on a bulletin board above my desk at home. I LOVE to look at them and re-read them. I think they do need to be photographed and kept in my blog book at the end of the year. Another great idea Jill!

Karen Mortensen said...

Your boys are so sweet.

the Rich girl said...

They are GREAT husbands.

I have a blog post started (I began it in May) about the notes Tyler leaves for me.

Next time we're in California I'll have to show some of them to you, Jill. They are hilarious!

Rebecca said...

It is so fun that you have these old notes to read! I have a few of them too. I put them in my "Mom File" to look at when I want to smile!

McKenna Heasley said...

YES!!! McKay is the very best husband I could ever imagine. He's written me a few notes like that too and I love them! I've kept pretty much everyone he wrote since we first started dating.
P.S. McKay wants you to know he also thinks you are a twinkle of a star
And note to Tyler your poems have not changed. They are still awesome.

Dad and Susan said...

So fun! Happy memories that keep on giving. YOU are priceless. Love, Dad and Susan

Jill said...

Scrapally...That's just what I was thinking...I should put the notes on my blog so I will have them forever. I will look forward to seeing some of yours! :))

Karen M...They are! And they married even sweeter.

Rebecca...I ought to make a Mom file, and then go digging for old notes!

Karen...I can't wait all the way till your next visit. I hope you go ahead with that blog post! :)

McKenna...So good to know that!!! If you are all happy, I am happy.

Susan and Dad..I am priceless?? Well thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

grandmapeg said...

If there were a bunch of women together right now they would be saying, "Oh-h-h-h-h, how sweet". Somehow it doesn't sound the same with just me saying it, but those are very sweet and tender notes!! I have a few of those kinds of notes that I've kept through the years from my children. I don't even think about throwing them out. Thanks for sharing!

Sue said...

I've saved up a few of those notes myself. And yes, they are wonderful to "rediscover" every now and then.


Mar~ said...

These are the sweetest!