Monday, August 2, 2010

Because of 'Anonymous'

Unfortunately because of the mean spiritedness, and complete fabrication of comments by one person in particular, I have adjusted my settings so that my blog is now under moderation status.  All this means, is your comment will not show up immediately, but it will soon.

I apologize if the behavior of one, inconveniences others.

I really do appreciate your comments and in no way want to discourage the rest of you from leaving them.
Like I said, it's just one person 

Any questions, please email me privately.


Karen Mortensen said...

Sorry to hear this Jill. It is so sad when 1 or 2 people have to ruin things for others.

C Dawn's bucket said...

oh sorry you had that experience. That is partially why my blog had to go private.

So sad people choose to be mean spirited.


Dad and Susan said...

Too bad. So sad. Your Dad

Neither rain nor snow nor smut can keep us from opining our comments!

Love, Dad and Susan

Richard said...

I promise to be more careful and not make fun of Dennis cereal choices in the future.

nrozier said...

Dramz on the blog! You haven't reached the big time until you have a few haters.

Really though, it disgusts me the way that some people behave when they are under the guise of "anonymous."

Who would leave nasty comments on Grandma Honey's blog? What a loser.

Rebecca said...

Well, it's sad that some people just have to be mean. All I can say is, they probably do not have "good Karma" if they are being mean and leaving mean comments. Although, I can't imagine what they would say mean on such a cute and fun blob as yours!!!!

grandmapeg said...

It's too bad that someone has to be mean in what they say, especially when they aren't honest enough to give their name. Sorry you had this experience.

Grandmotherfairy said...

Sorry Jill...I wonder if "anonymous" looks like those creatures in my sad!

James and Kresta said...

Seriously? Who could have any mean comments for you??!! Your blog is so uplifting and never negative!

Lisa said...

GREAT post & pics! I had to take the one of Elora & Kendal. If you mind, let me know, I'll untake it.

Jill said...

Go ahead and take away Lisa! :)

Sue said...

I can't imagine anyone leaving a negative comment for you. Seriously. I'm shocked.

Sorry that happened.