Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another find from my kitchen drawer.

About 8 years ago I attended a small wedding for Claudia and Dale Call from our ward.
Blaine Thomas, who was officiating, recited a poem that I immediately fell in love with, 
and I wanted to give a copy to Claudia and Dale.

So before I left that day I went into his office
and asked if he would recite it again so I could write down the words.  
He did better than that, he wrote it all out for me. 

Translation, in case you can't read it:
"When Jesus is the carpenter, a home is safe and strong.
It's built with care and happiness.
It's filled with love and song.

His joy is found in every room.
Peace whispers through the halls
And he greatly blesses everyone,
Who lives within its walls."

Coincidentally, about 5 years after that day, my Dad married Dale's sister Susan.  So now I wonder, was Susan at the wedding of her brother and his wife that I attended about 8 years ago?  I didn't know her then, so I wouldn't know if she were there that day or not. I hope to soon find out.

I just like this homey little picture.
Photo thanks to Susan Branch


Karen Mortensen said...

Cute post.
I had a similar experience like you did with Susan. Tom and his family always brought cows to the Fresno Fair. Mom and Dad always made us look at the exhibits. So, I problably saw Tom, some of his family members and their cows.

Susan Rozier said...

Well, Jill, Isn't this interesting?! Yes, I was there in the Fresno Temple when Dale and Claudia were sealed, as were my sister and her husband from Anaheim. Who knew I would be in the same room with my future husband's daughter!!! This is one of those csses of "small world."

They were married for time in Timpanogus Temple in 2001 and sealed in Fresno Temple in 2002. I married your dad in 2007. Both Dale and I were mightily blessed by our choices.

Thanks for such a unique blog!

Love, Susan

grandmapeg said...

I LOVE this poem!!! What a beautiful message. What a coincidence in knowing Dale and now having Susan in your life. I'll have to check back here to see Susan's comment. I love a good mystery :-) Thanks for sharing the beautiful poem!!

Jill said... you WERE THERE! We were probably sitting across the room from each other. Life is so bizarre.
Do you remember him reciting a poem?

And I'm impressed that I got the years right...I sort of guessed because I couldn't remember exactly.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I love stories like this! It's synchronicity at it's best.

Sue said...

I like that poem, too. And the "small world" story.