Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Miss Téa is moving in tomorrow!

Our 15 month old granddaughter, Miss Téa, is moving in for a 48 hour visit.  Her parents and family are still up at Family Camp, but Téa is a little too busy to live in pure dirt and open air for the entire 6 days, so they are cutting her adventure down by 2 days, and she will be under the care of Grandma Honey. 

Téa is the busiest baby Amy has ever had.  And she has had 7.  

So I've decided to just make the main part of our house like one large play pen...or 'pack and play' as they are called now.  My back is not feeling very good these days so hopefully this will help alleviate the need to continually pick her up and move her out of danger.  I hope it works.

I'm worried that she will miss her Mom way much, being they have never been separated overnight.
And, she has never been separated from her twin brother! 

But we will do our best to keep her distracted and happy as best as we can.
And we will enjoy loving on our little baby girl.

I will keep you posted on how it goes.  I wish Amy had internet up there in the mountains but I doubt that she does, so she will have to wait till Saturday to see the results.

For now, we are busy getting ready for her arrival.
Look what we have done so far.

Den made this to keep her out of the kitchen when I'm not in there with her.  
He put the water bottle by to keep the cardboard up.  Do you think it will work?

I removed all my candles and pictures and replaced it all with toys.
Safety covers for the outlets.

Tonight we went over and got her baby from their house. 
Amy says she is the only one of her girls who would carry around a baby doll at this age.

The room is looking a bit empty. We've removed all the plants that were on the floor. 

Just in case she is thinking of taking out the plugs, we've got this one covered.

She loves climbing on the fireplace.  
Hopefully this blanket duct taped to the floor will help keep it safer for her. 

Is there anything we have forgotten?  If so, I'm sure Téa will let us know soon.  

I plan on sleeping in the playroom with Téa.  Grandpa will just have to survive without me for 2 nights.
Okay, we're ready.  
Bring her on.

If you are a tired, young Mom reading this, take a look at this blog.  
Even if you aren't.
I have no words to explain, just go there.


Rebecca said...

ha ha this is funny! Are you sleeping in the same room with her? When Stockton slept over for 2 nights, he did much better with no one sleeping in the same room.

Karen Mortensen said...

You are bravae to sleep in the same room with her. Hope it all goes well.
I love the blanket ducted taped on to the fireplace.

Jill said...

I'm afraid I will not hear her if I'm not in the same room.

Rebecca said...

I know I felt that way too but John convinced me that if he cried loud enough I would hear and he was right.
One thing that helps when I have Stockton for a long time, is going for a ride in the car and or the stroller. If it is too hot/cold, we go to the mall and I just push him around for a long time. That helps time to pass and it is easy to tend when they can't get out of the stroller. Good luck!!

grandmapeg said...

Good luck with the 'cardboard' wall! I think those little ones have the mindset, "where there's a will...there's a way". I love how you safe guarded the fireplace! Is there padding underneath the blanket? I love all of your ideas! Don't get too tired with Miss Téa :-))

Brock said...

Jill, do you need to borrow a real baby gate and baby monitors??? My kids won't sleep with people in the room with them either.

Ammy said...

Thank you for sharing the link to the made me want to give a little bit longer hugs and kisses today! Made me more grateful for my precious little girls!!!

Jill said...

YES Erin, I would very much like to borrow the monitor! I thought I could just use the one Amy and Logan have but I found it it's up at camp. And when Logan came to bring me Téa today, he also mentioned that she sleeps better by herself. Jonas is the one who likes to sleep with them.

Lisa said... guys sure cover your bases. VERy COOL & VEry lucky girl! Love how you guys are all about her & that is gonna be WONDerful for HER! Can't wait to hear how she loved it!

Natalie @ said...

YOU ROCK! All Grandma's and caretaker should read kind of you to do all this BEFORE she comes and not get frustrated with her when she's in it all! Wow! I really am impressed...can my kids come to visit too? Sorry your back is giving you troubles! :(

Scrapally said...

you are one prepared grandma! And Tea' is one lucky little girl! Have fun!

Richard said...

This looks like the Gulf Coast preparing for Katrina...

Sue said...

You are a good grandma!