Friday, July 9, 2010

Look who drove 12 hours to see us!

And they even took a picture of us when we weren't looking.

Welcome Karen and Tyler!!
We are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited we get to have you for 8 FULL DAYS!

The 2 pictures below were actually taken in Utah last weekend, but I love them, so here they are.


grandmapeg said...

I'm glad they had a safe trip. I remember when I was that young and could drive for 12 hours straight! It looks like you're in for a fun 8 days...and maybe lots of popcorn :-)) This side profile of Tyler looks like McKay. I'll bet they get that a lot. Enjoy your kids!

Kris said...

So fun!!! I wish we had been there at the same time. We'll have to get together with you Tyler and Karen when you get back before school starts again. Have a great time!

Karen Mortensen said...

That is so awesome that they are there. I know you will have a wonderful visit. I hope you will show pictures of all your fun times.

Dad and Susan said...

We're so excited to be able to see Karen and Tyler again. I know our paths will cross on Wednesday, and we're so looking forward to that special day. We know you'll have a great time. Love, Dad and Susan

Mar~ said...

WOW! What a surprise! Glad they got the opportunity to visit.
Tell them hello from Aunt Mar~!
(I know this is selfish of me, but I would love to see more photos of them and of what all of you are up to)! :)

Sue said...

Oh boy! Lucky you!!