Sunday, July 25, 2010

Look how Hailey's suitcase is packed!

It's that time of year again. Family Camp!
So Hailey arrived, yesterday, along with her PaPa (my brother) and Chickie

What I found so interesting is how Grammy Carol packed Hailey's suitcase.  
So organized.  
Grammy Carol rolled up each outfit, complete with matching pony holder or clip, and bundled all together with a large rubber band.  She is teaching Hailey to be independent.  Each morning all Hailey has to do is choose the set she wants for the day.  No rummaging through the suit case to find a favorite top...and then putting it on to realize it doesn't match with the shorts she chose.

And rolled up, the clothes stay unwrinkled and crease free.  I think it's ingenious! 

She even packed an outfit Hailey's mother bought her before she went to heaven.
I loved seeing it on Hailey again today.

Grammy bought Hailey this canvas and let her paint away.

It's such a happy picture with a sort of smiley butterfly!...or is that a smirk on it's little face...

She's as beautiful as ever.


Karen Mortensen said...

It is so good to see her. She is so beautiful, just like her mom. I love how Grammy Carol packed her suitcase. That is really awesome. I hope to see some family camp pictures on here in the next few days.

Jill said...

Since I can't go there, I will be waiting for someone to bring some pictures to me, hopefully in the next few days.

Dad and Susan said...

Love the pictures! It's so good to see Chickee, PaPa, and HAILEY again. We moms and grandmoms love the packed suitcase as we all love order, practicality, and sensibleness. However, the first time I was with Hailey at Family Camp, she wore her bathing suit all day every day!!! Perhaps now that she's older, she'll avail herself of Grandma Carol's engeniousness. Love, Dad and Susan

grandmapeg said...

Wow...Hailey's grandma sure has a great system with those clothes!! I'll have to give that idea to my girls for when they pack their kids' suitcases!! Hailey sure is growing up! She is so cute! Thanks for sharing!

Sharon said...

Fantastic organization and such a great way for a young girl to feel successful!

C Dawn's bucket said...

Thanks Grandma Honey and thanks to Grammy Carol! We are headed out on a much needed vacation as a family and I was trying to pack for all of us and wondering how to keep the suitcase from becoming a deep dark well of never able to find what you are looking for...and then....wallah!

I looked at your blog and you had the solution waiting for me. We leave early in the morning and we have everything rolled in outfits and wrapped with a rubber band....I'll report on its effectiveness when I get back

Thanks again!


Lisa said...

Some girls are simply stunningly beautiful and Hailey's one of 'em. It's interesting to me but I could really feel the LOVE & CLOSENESS of this family. The pics are really beautiful.