Monday, July 19, 2010

Our best job chart

(And this first one is NOT it.)

I have to say that I was never a Charty Crafty sort of Mom, at all.
Out of desperation at times, I would come up with a few work charts through the years.
But it kind of went like this.....

Notice how Brock got perfect stars right in a row.
But then notice how he just made it til Wednesday of week #5.

I don't remember if he quit making his bed after that (I suspect), or if we both became bored with the chart.

But I will tell you what worked for the longest time, and was THE BEST for us.  
(and only for my last 2 sons, because I didn't think of it before then.)

It was called "The Point Chart"  Very simple.  
One point equaled 1 cent.  (although you don't have to reward with money)
I would give them a list of chores and how many points were available for each job.  
For example, I might say 100 points for mopping the kitchen floor.
  So when they completed that they would write down 100 points by their name.

The boys kept a running total of how many points they had.
Then when they wanted/needed money they would have to decide 
if it was worth it to them to take from the point chart.  
That was always their decision because the points were the same to them as cash.

Like I said, this worked for years, all through their teen years. 
They could earn money, yet I did not pay them until they wanted the money.  
So in a sense it was like they had money in the bank, available when they wanted to "take it out."  
And that is when they would pay their tithing on it too, when they were paid.

Surprisingly to me, I found their old point chart. 
It looks like I still owe McKay $1.50.  (Sorry McKay)
And that writing off to the side of 147.50, 
I think it was Tyler cashing out all his final points before he left on his mission back in 2005.

Well guess what!
There is actually a FREE website now that I read about in Mormon Times called
It sounds just like my Point Chart!

Here is the original article about it from Mormon Times:


Karen Mortensen said...

Boy, we didn't have this type of stuff when I was growing up. I guess we were just expected to do stuff and we did it.

Brock said...

Man. I still look like I'm twelve.

Jill said...

I think you were about in 4th grade in that picture.

Brock said...

I don't think I was styling my hair that way until at least the 5th. Yes, I remember such things.

Rebecca said...

Ha! This is funny. I had this same system. Only problem with us was my kids would fight over the "big point" chores and leave the little point ones. Maybe I should bring this back for Jake!

Jill said...

Well I just did this with my last there was always plenty of big point chores to go around!

Sue said...

That point chart was a good idea. Wish I'd known at the time!


Dennis said...

I remember the "Point Chart" well. Very simple but it worked.


Lisa said...

You are so cleva! Ahead of your times you are. Interesting how timeless strategies are always effective.

I wish I had done your system. I just doled out allowance & made them calculate how much clothes, shoes, entertainment, etc would need annually & then they budgeted their money to buy everything they needed throughout the years. It lasted 2 years tops. But it was fun cuz the kids knew that if they wanted 5 t shirts a year, they could only spend $15 a tee & they did just that not a penny more. The memories your blog affords me!

Natalie said...

Love this idea, and my boys are just getting to the age when they would get excited about it. So simple, but not something I've heard of before. Thanks so much for sharing!

grandmapeg said...

I have to admit that I got bored with trying to make charts. I just told my kids what they had to do before they went out to play and then I gave them money when they wanted some...and if I thought they had earned it. I do love your point chart though. And's never too late to pay McKay the money you owe him :-))