Friday, July 2, 2010

The all day party

No offense to anyone, but can I just say I'm exhausted?
I just now collapsed in Dennis' lap and he whispered to me,  "And just think, we get to do this all over again tomorrow!"

So I escaped in this quiet little room all by myself to blog about it.

But they are all worth it!
I'm LOVING having my family together...
Not all of them are here today....but enough that we have people everywhere.

Take a look at our day!

Actually, it all started the night before when Den's daughter and family arrived here from Logan, Utah.
Katie, Rachel,  Jessica, Kris, Jacob, and Mike

We were all asleep when at 2:30am a light came on down the hall from us.
Turns out Katie lost her socks while sleeping and had to turn the light on so she could find them.
Only problem was, she forgot to turn it back off again. 
3 hours later I was able to go back to sleep.

Dennis made a simple breakfast.  Thank you Honey.

Kris started doing her magic, getting ready for Katie's birthday party.

Not only the beach sandal cake, but how about these little tropical parfaits, 
complete with palm trees and brown coconuts.

Sunglasses for everyone!

 Can you believe Kris made one of these little purses for every one at the party?!
AND, she made them all the morning they left for California!

The twins found a pkg of graham crackers in Kris' bag and helped themselves.  
Logan said to me,  "Mom, you might want to vacuum everywhere after we leave tonight." 

Kris had lots of outdoor games for the kids.

We even ran out of pizza.

Little people everywhere.

One final craft before the party was over.

Rachel, Macie, and Katie
But hey, it's all worth it, if everyone is happy.

Den and I are closing out this day now at 9:30pm,
while the rest of them continue to party.

We will just turn our air filter on high and not hear a thing.

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Kim said...

Looks like a wonderful day! Happy Birthday Katie! (And happy anniversary to Kris and Mike!) Wish I was there! (Of course, that would mean a few more kids, too!) :)

Kim :)

Robin said...

McKenzie had a GREAT time. She said the purse that Kris made is her favorite ever! Thanks for letting her join in.

Karen Mortensen said...

What fun. Everything looked great.

Dad and Susan said...


Talk about starting their visit off with a bang!!! That Kris is beyond clever. She's beyond amazing. I don't have superlatives enough to describe her!

But Jill and Dennis, you both are also amazing. You're such great grandparents. The kids LOVE you both unreservedly. It all works out.

It was so fun to see the pictures. Thanks for sharing this amazing time with us. We are tired by proxy.

Love, Dad and Susan

grandmapeg said...

What a super woman/mom Kris is!!!! I can't believe she made all of those cute, cute purses the morning they left on the trip!!!The party looked like it was a lot of fun. I'm sure you and Dennis are thoroughly enjoying this time with all of the kids and grandkids.

Rebecca said...

WOW! Looks like a crazy, busy, fun time!

Krista Gage said...

I had the PLEASURE of meeting Kris at church today. What a wonderful women! I'm sure if we lived closer to her we'd be good friends (If I had anything to say about it anyway)!After we were done talking my STAR STRUCK Heidi said (with a HUGE smile and even BIGGER eyes) "I Can't believe we actually met her in REAL LIFE!"

Sue said...

This looks like more fun than I can imagine right now (with all of my grandkids in Southern California)!

But come the end of this month, I will be in similar bliss.

Have a ball!


PS. That party was an A+

Lisa said...

What a PARTY!!! LUCKY EVERYONE! Who needs to be the birthday kid with that kind of party! LOVED IT ALL.