Thursday, June 3, 2010

What we were doing on McKay and McKenna's wedding night

 Last Friday, during the wedding reception in Montana, 
I went out to dinner with Amy, Erin, and Austin, the babies, and Elora.

 Love this picture of like mother like son.

 cousins Jonas and Cam side by side
Elora asked to go to the bathroom so I went with her.  
As she goes into her stall, a another woman we don't know, goes into the other stall.  I wait right by Elora's door as she says to me from the other side in a very determined strong voice,  

"Grandma Honey, have you ever had an embarrassing moment?"  
"Uh, yes, I've had many."
"Can you tell me about one right now?"  
"Umm, (thinking of the stranger in the next stall who is I'm sure intently listening by now) maybe later.....Why don't you tell me one of yours."  
"I've never had an embarrassing moment."  

She cracks me up.

Obviously she has forgotten the one that happened when she was 5!  Go back in time with me here.


Dad and Susan said...

HaHa! She almost got you! I'm sure the "stranger" was disappointed you were so adroit at getting out of that situation. Smiles. Love, Dad and Susan

grandmapeg said...

This is so funny! I don't know how I missed the "embarrassing" one from two years ago, so I'm glad you referred back to it. Elora really is a crack up! Thanks for showing some pictures of you!! That color of green looks stunning on you!!! And it looks like you all had a fun time! Thanks for sharing these special moments in your life!

Rebecca said...

Well this looks like a fun girls night out...with a few boys thrown in for good measure! What restaurant is that? That is so funny about Elora. She seems so grown up, and comes up with the funniest things!

Rebecca said...
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the Rich girl said...

Jill, I love the pictures of you and Elora. You look beautiful!

While it was fun to hang out with the boys at the wedding, I can't wait to have some girl time when we come to California!

darlene said...

I love Elora stories!

Karen Mortensen said...

Glad you guys were able to have your own little "wedding reception".
I love those Elora stories too.

Jared and Heather said...

I love this post! I want to meet Elora!! :-) I also loved the cinderella shoe story, so cute.

Krista Gage said...

Jill, you look so gorgeous in the top pic of this post!!! Eyes don't get prettier then that!

Sue said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I LOVE that Elora!


PS. And your dress. Really flattering.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

My goodness girlfriend, do you ever take a bad picture? I don't think so!

Jill said...

I like that first picture Kathy because like I was telling you at the party...I look more like you than I look like me in that one. You are so pretty and I got so excited when I thought I might have some resemblance to you...that I didn't even know all these years.

And yes I take many bad pictures, but I'll never show those.

Eileen said...

Both these stories are great! Elora is so funny!
Loved seeing the pictures of you with 'your girls' and your grandchildren, all so beautiful!
And you look great in green! It's really very becoming.
All the best to you,