Sunday, June 27, 2010

Some mystery pictures

Trying to figure these out...

Was it just luck that while someone was taking my niece Sam's picture inside, 
her cousins outside just happened to jump their peak at the same millisecond? 
 (not sure the year...about 1996?)

 Is that Richard?  And who are those pile of children?
Not sure of the year (early 1960s) but many many moons ago.

Sept 12, 1957
My brother John on his first birthday.  
I remember this being a rather shocking picture growing up, that Mom let his hair get that long.  
Really, we would find this picture and say in horror, "Look at how long Johnny's hair is!" 
Look, he had the same massive shoulders he has now.
Notice Richard's antique trike in the background?  
The question is...this was could he have a personal name plate back then?  
It's not like there was another kid who went by that name.  

I recognize my child hood friend JoAlice Weeks on the far left, but who were all those other kids?  Don't worry, I'm sure no one knows. 
I do remember those cardboard blocks. 
btw, this was 1960.

June 1958, Roeding Park in Fresno
What was so important about what Richard had in his hand, that my dad took a pictures of it?
And why am I looking suspicious at the camera?

Jumping a few decades to 1988
Den and I were both struck by how much my niece Carly (to the left of McKay) looks like her daughter Rivy. 
(no mystery here)

Why don't they sell these baby cages any more?
I would love to find one to send up to Family Camp next month for the twins.
Sorry about the poor labeling.
I'm still learning how to use this online pen. 


Jason said...

I can't get over how much you look like Tea in your picture at Roeding Park. You can still buy those Playpens, just go to Ebay and type in playpen yards a brand named Aosom will be the most popular brand close to what you have pictured here. From Jenny

Karen Mortensen said...

That picture of Sam is so cute. That is amazing what happened at the time the picture was taken.
That last picture is classic.

Dad and Susan said...

Loved going back in time with the pictures. The family resemblances are certainly there. That particular baby fence seems like a baby's head could easily get stuck in one of those triangles. Perhaps they have a safer one available. Dad and Susan

Eileen said...

I love looking at all your pictures, especially the older ones.
I remember those baby pens too! We used to use them for our kids at the beach at lot.

When we were little my Mom had an old wooden playpen that the bottom had fallen out of, she would put my baby brother in it, and he would walk all around the yard in it! He would lift it, walk to where he wanted to be and then put it down.

I've missed so much here, Jill. I'll be back tonight to catch up on your other posts!
All the best to you,

Susan Rozier said...

Eileen's post about the "walking" play pen is hilarious!! Would love to have a video of that to spread around on Utube. So funny. Susan

Sue said...

These are classic!

(I used to have one of those expandable play yard things. Very handy.)


Jill Shelley said...

I know what you mean Susan, about Eileen's post. I keep picturing this Bam Bam of a child (from Flintstones) lifting his playpen and moving it where he wanted to go! I wish Eileen had pictures!

grandmapeg said...

That picture of Carly when she was little sure does look like the pictures of her daughter that you've put on your blog. Whenever I see those playpen pictures it reminds me of trying to corral a bunch of much energy in a contained area!

Richard said...

I'm surprised you don't remember playing hospital on the inner tube in the front held Mikey DeLucca down while I extracted his appendix. He was a real cry baby.

Jared and Heather said...

They have plastic versions of the "baby cage" at Babies R Us and on their website, although it's pretty spendy! Fun pictures!

Richard said...

The picture of John in 1957 was taken in the midst of his beatnik phase. Once mom stopped letting us watch the Dobie Gillis Show, he got over it.
The picture of us in the park was either the day we went there to stare directly at the total eclipse of the sun or the time we played with gliders awaiting the effects of a hydrogen bomb test blast in the Nevada desert...luckily we were upwinders!

Jill said...

Heather-- thank you for the idea of the ones at ToysRUs. We checked those out and then I found out Amy has a set in her garage!

Jenny-- Thanks for the Aosom tip. I googled it and sure enough, there they are. I think those are the modern version (safer) of the ones in the picture. By the way, which Jenny are you? :)

Susan---I think you are right...I think they were banned probably because kids were getting their heads stuck in the triangles.

Jill said...

Oh, and Richard...there are no words for you. Den and I both are trying to figure out how you come up with these things! And I do remember Dobie Gillis...didn't Mom like that show? Or did she hate it? It was one of those. Maybe it came on right after Beaver.

Richard said...

Mom liked the show until the Maynard G. Krebs character started exerting undue influence over John...then she hated it.