Friday, June 11, 2010

Goodbye to the McKs

Wow, it's all over.  I can't say the time flew by, but it was lots of fun.  
And now they are on the road back to Provo where they will begin their married life together.  
You know, working, studying, paying bills....all the real life stuff.  

Last night McKenna insisted on making dinner for all 10 of us.  I thought that was one of the sweetest things ever.  I wish I had taken pictures of her wonderful chili...I LOVED it.  She said it's a family recipe.  
Complete with cornbread, salad, and strawberry shortcake.  

It was so hard saying goodbye to them. 
I just feel such a thankfulness in my soul that I have another very wonderful daughter in law.  

I took this short clip last night.
It wouldn't be cute if he knew better, but since the babies are just under 14 months old, it's okay :)


Karen Mortensen said...

That was too cute. I am glad you had such a wonderful visit with them.

grandmapeg said...

This is too cute and funny that not only did Jonas brush Téa away twice but then he moves in front of her!! They are growing up too fast. McKenna's dinner sounds wonderful!! I'm sure you're sad to see them go.

Dad and Susan said...

Kudos to McKenna for makeing such a wonderful dinner for everyone! What a sweet thing to do. We wish them a wonderfully happy life together.

Never get between a man and his food! Jonas has morphed into INSTINCT MODE at a young age. Tea will morph into her INSTINCT MODE which is....? Get her own way without offending anyone? Being kind and thoughtful and letting others go first? Knowing her self worth and not being defensive? Letting her competitive nature come thru and holding her own? We've got him pegged, women are more mysterious.

Such darling pictures.

Love, Dad and Susan

Jill said...

I love your take on that Susan. Women ARE much harder to figure out. With males, it's what you see is what you get.

Eileen said...

Jill, I had to watch the video twice! Adorable!
I guess he really liked McKenna's strawberry shortcake! She must have been flattered!

So sweet of her to make dinner for everyone. So happy for you to be so Blessed with her being added to 'your girls'!
All the best,

Scrapally said...

the meal sounds wonderful and the video darling! I pray for wonderful daughter-in-laws for my sons. Sorry I missed the open house...a lady in our ward had triplets a couple of weeks ago and she had to go back to the hospital that weekend due to an infection and pain, so I was on baby duty!! Can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it! Best wishes to the Mcks! (that is what we call our fam for short too) :)

Jill Shelley said...

Oh yes, I heard about Nicole having to go back into the hospital. That was so good you were able to help with the babies! I'm continually asking Amy if Nicole is okay now, and checking her website, etc but I can find no updates.

You just gave me an idea Allyson. I should add a K to their title!

Sue said...

The battle of the sexes rages on...even in siblings!