Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Last Song

Have you seen this movie?

We just did. 
Wondering if anyone feels the way I did about it.

So we walk in, sit down and Den says,  "I am the only male here. 
What kind of movie is this anyway?" 
I said,  "I really don't know. I just read that if you feel like crying, this is the movie to go to."
Good thing I couldn't see his face. It was dark in there.

I liked it.
However, it sort of dragged along about this teenage fluffy no substance romance. 
It was nearly half over when Den leans over and says,  "Where are we going with this?"
I had a hard time getting past the fact that Miley Cyrus' boyfriend in the movie looked nearly identical to Brad Kennington (my son Logan's friend). 
That's all I could see. 
I can't even remember his name. 
When Den and I talk about the movie we just call him Brad.
Really, they looked that much alike. 
Both very good looking. 

And the guy who played the father...he reminded me so much of Verne Woolley (my DIL Amy's Dad)
We just call him Verne. 
Obvious we don't go to movies very often.
When you get as old as we are, I guess most people look like someone else.

So I didn't know the movie was about dying. 
Watching that little boy about to lose his Dad was brutal. 
I sat there in that theater feeling so grateful that when my sons' Dad died they didn't know it was going to happen.
It just happened and he was gone.
As horrific as that was, I think knowing before would have been worse. 

So if I ever felt bad that my boys didn't get to say goodbye to their Dad, this movie cured me of that. 

It didn't affect Den the same way.  He leaned over and said,  "She needs braces." (Mylie Cyrus)

We got in the car and I told Den I enjoyed the movie. 
I like watching emotion. 
I like watching relationships. 
He said,  "As long as my wife is happy." 
No, I said, I really want to know what he thought of it.
So then he says,  "It was all about a spoiled brat who thinks the world revolves around her
and cares more about baby turtles than the people around her." 

And then he added,  "You would think she could at least get some Invisaligns for her teeth." 
I think her crooked tooth is cute. 

If you saw it, what did you think?  


Brock said...

I haven't seen it, but judging by the title I'd say you were given fair warning it was about death!

As for not knowing Dad was gonna die...we kinda did, actually. He told us all the time he was going to die young. Wasn't shocking to me when it happened.

Jill said...

Right Brock, he did talk about it a lot. Even back when we were dating. But having it happen still caught me off guard.

Right, you would think I would have known the movie was about death. But I really didn't pay attention to the title. Even during the movie Den says to me, "What's the name of this movie---The Last Date?"

But I did know who Miley Cyrus is, thanks to Elora.

Lisa said...

Now this is the first time I have heard Dennis say something very straightforward & I can IMAGINE what his face would have looked like when you told him what you read. Hahaha....very funny.

Alos, from now on.....I'm smiling with my MOUTH SHUT whenever I see him. : )

Rebecca said...

I didn't care for the movie. I don't like going to movies and leaving sad. I like to be uplifted. The girl, Miley seemed so sulky and bratty. I know we are not supposed to discuss the teeth issue but I had to laugh at Dennis' comment! Because I thought that very same thing!!! She needs braces.

Brock said...

I am with Lisa!! I just had invisalign priced for my teeth...holy cow! Miley and I are just going to be crooked. The only thing I object to is you calling yourself old! You and Dennis are NOT old!!

Logan said...

Kylie and I just went and saw this movie on Monday night. We were the only ones in that movie, it was nice. That is so funny that you said the boyfriend looked like Brad because that is what I thought the whole way through the movie. I didn't think the Dad in the movie looked like my Dad (Verne). And yes, Miley needs braces and Dad, I thought the same thing through the movie. The movie was alright for me. It did kind of drag on and I felt they needed someone else besides Miley to play that part. She bugged me in this movie, I felt she was bratty and didn't really learn a whole lot. My daughter Kylie loved it though! I give it a C.

Susan Rozier said...

So so interesting to read other people's comments on the movie. Nellie and I saw this movie and I have no recollection whatsoever of Mylie's teeth. Loved Dennis'
wrap-up of the movie line. He's a good sport to go to please his wife. Love, Susan

Princess Fluffybuns said...

I seriously think Dennis could have a career in movie reviews. That might be the best two sentence summary of a movie ever! Thanks for the laugh.

the Rich girl said...

I feel like Miley Cyrus has the same problem (some) other actors (like Tom Cruise) have: no matter what part she plays, when you watch the movie, you'll say, oh look at Miley--rather than identify with the character. She's just . . . too famous? Too well-known?

But, not having seen any of Miley's big screen acting chops, I could be wrong. Yet, I probably won't ever watch the movie to see if my hypothesis is correct.

Jill said...

I had never seen her in anything ever, so it worked for me. I just know who she is via Elora, but until this movie Den and I didn't even know what she looked like. We aren't exactly happenin people. :)

darlene said...

Hey, you are very happenin people!! Of course, you and I are from the same generation, so we can both be happenin together.... in our own un-happenin ways.

Jill said...

Hey, if I'm in your club Darlene, then I know I'm okay :)

just another Belle said...

I am NOT a fan of nicholas sparks. my gfs DRUG me to see his last movie (dear john) and it was just as bad as I thought it would be.

Sandi said...

I'm not a fan of Nicholas Sparks. His movies NEVER leave you feeling uplifted. As for Miley - her tooth bugged me the WHOLE movie. I've watched Hannah Montana and I never noticed, but it sure bugged me during this movie. The movie itself was just ok. I don't want to own it or see it again and it's not the worst Nicholas Sparks movie I've seen but it is certainly NOT my favorite movie.

Sue said...

Haven't seen the movie (NIcholas Sparks is a little too maudlin at times) but this post completely cracked me up, mainly because of how cute the interactions with your husband are. And the comment that if you live to be as old as we are, most people look like someone else. And the preoccupation with Miley's tooth and subsequent Invisaligns solution offered by your husband.

Thanks for the chuckles. I needed them today.


Austin said...

I LOVED this movie my Mom gives it a "C" I give it an "A" :D

Jill said...

KYLIE!!!! Yah! You read my blog!!!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday. We will get together soon and go out to dinner!

Austin said...

Oh I love your blog and I look forward to seeing you!!! :D