Monday, May 10, 2010

Before my first Mother's Day

Yesterday I was thinking back to when I was pregnant with my first son.
These were taken at my baby shower.
You may (depending on who you are of course) recognize a few of the people in these photos.

This is back a few years. December 2, 1976:

My Mom to the left of course, and then to the right is Debbie Freeman who was
Debbie Findlay back then....I was her Beehive advisor at church a few years before this.
Interestingly, here we are 34 years later and I've asked Debbie's daughter Stacey,
to come talk to our Young Women about temple marriage tomorrow night. 

Just past my stomach is Nancy Hix (I took care of her baby Kari for nearly 2 years and we loved her dearly....I have since lost touch.
I would love to see Kari as an adult since she would be about 35 now!...but have not been able to find her)
Then my Grandma Slinkard, my mom, and my sister in law Wendy Rozier.

Sonja Kland..she was and still is always at the important moments in my life.
I learned so much from her growing up. 
Definitely one of my greatest role models.
Then Tammy Emler, who grew up across the street, 
and my sister Peggy who does not look too happy there for some reason.

Don't know what to say about this picture.  
I hope this was at the end of the evening when most everyone was gone.
I gained 50 lbs with this pregnancy!

Karen Emler who hosted this shower. 
I really don't think I was trying to hide my face.
Back then it took a few weeks to have our pictures processed.
We had no idea until then what we got.

Terri Emler and Sonja looking on.  
The profile right by my hand is Carol Wengel...she was my visiting teaching partner back then.
We still keep in touch with Christmas cards each year. 
I wish I had a picture of everyone who attended that evening nearly 33 years ago.

But what I was really thinking about yesterday besides my wonderful children who treated me so well....was my Mom.
I miss her more, not less, with each passing year.
I was also thinking about the post on last Mother's Day.


Susan Rozier said...

Has a whole year gone by since your last Mother's Day post? I remember back then enjoying reading about your mom and also reviewing the comments. We surely laughed at those from Richards. Isn't he great at "passing the buck" to John?

You may have gained 50 pounds with your first pregnancy, but you didn't keep any of it even after 4 children! I think all you girls inherited the leaness gene from both your mom and dad.

Enjoyed this post, as always. Love, Susan

grandmapeg said...

What fun pictures to have!! Yes, you and your sister Peggy both looked like you were very tired. It's nice that you can keep in touch with some of these friends. Yes, for those of us whose mothers are no longer with us, know how much more we miss them with each passing year. I hope you had a happy Mother's Day!

Mary said...

Debbie Findlay and Karla used to be good friends. So you still keep in touch with the Wengels? You'll have to fill me in on what's up with them these days.

Sorry I haven't gotten back with you recently--things are still moving forward and very positive. I promise to catch you up as soon as I can!

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

I loved this post. Happy Mother's Day.

Lisa said...

History sure moved forward, huh? You gained 50 pounds! So did I, only you don't look like you've ever been over weight a day in your life! Great pics & great memories indeed. The whole essence of life.

Jared and Heather said...

I gained 50 lbs with my first pregnancy too! I learned my lesson the second time around, but it wasn't any easier to lose the weight after the fact even though it was less. However, if I can look as trim and cute as you when I have 4 grown children, I will be very pleased!

Sue said...

So fun to see these old pics of you and your friends/family!


Natalie said...

I loved seeing these old photos of you! You looked great=) My mom had that same hair style back in the day.

Anonymous said...

I miss mom too. We went out to the cemetary and you're right, she is not there. I do feel her in the temple though. I remember your shower well, it's great that you have those pictures. I reviewed last years post remembered the chore charts vividly and laughed hysterically about the chickens. I remember those chicks!!
Thanks for the reminders- Peggy Sue

Jill said...

Oh yes, the chickens....Milly, Silly and Willy. I think they all go run over by cars.

Eileen said...

This was a great post!
We didn't do baby showers in my family back then (an Irish superstition!), but we do them now and I think it's a wonderful, generous thing for family and friends to do, and such wonderful memories made too!
Thanks for sharing yours.

I gained a lot of weight with my first baby and my last baby! (I gained 45 pounds with my first, then only 16 with my second, the third and fourth I gained about 35 pounds, and the last I gained 65 pounds! Whew! That was a LOT!)

I LOVED you Mother's Day post last year, and that sentiment helped me a lot and I've carried it in my heart since then. And I'm off to read it now again.
Your Mom was a wonderful woman, and so too are you, Jill.
Love to you,
PS ~ You were a very pretty young woman, and you are a very beautiful woman still!
Also, I wanted to let you know about my one post (about my youngest son Andrew "the instigator", who had some news about my oldest son Brian). It was NOTHING! Brian is seeing a few women he met on the internet and Andrew felt like he had some big news for us. I guess Brian is a little embarrassed by it, but I don't see why. To me, it's like meeting a pen pal in person. Anyway, I'm hoping he meets a nice woman to settle down with.

Amy Nielson said...

What fun pictures! I love seeing my mom in those. She looks so young, but yet looks so much the same. :)